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Haunted Ghost Suite

Back in 1930 when the Omni Shoreham Hotel first opened, the owner, Mr. Harry Bralove, had some financial difficulty.  He asked Mr. Henry Doherty to become a minority shareholder in the hotel and thus help the company financially.  Mr. Doherty agreed to that proposition and in addition took a suite of rooms where he stayed with his wife.

The Executive Housekeeper of the Hotel, Ms. Juliette Brown, also stayed in the very large suite and took care of the family.  Early one morning, Juliette woke up not feeling well, and reached for the phone.  As she picked up the receiver, she suddenly died (of natural causes!).  An engineer found the phone had been taken off the hook and went to explore the situation and found her in her bed, dead.

The Doherty’s were a very wealthy family and their suite was filled with beautiful furniture and art.  Their china was from Napoleon Bonparte and Persian rugs were spread throughout the gorgeous rooms.  The Doherty’s, however, were childless, and adopted a daughter named Helen.  Some time after Juliette’s death, Helen also mysteriously died in the suite.  No one was ever clear on how it happened, but rumors abounded with thoughts of suicide or a drug overdose.

The Doherty’s lived in the suite from 1933 to 1973 at which time the area was closed and basically became condemned.  There were holes in the ceiling that pigeons flew in and out of, and the once beautiful rooms existed no more.

Once the Doherty’s were gone strange things occurred in and around the guestrooms in the wing that surrounded the suite.  Televisions and lights would suddenly go on at 4AM (the time of Juliette’s death?).  Housekeeping carts would be moved, and people reported feeling a breeze, the same breeze you feel when somebody near you runs by.  Records from 1975 report that a client staying in room 863, who knew nothing of the story, called then General Manager, Mr. Phil Hollywood, and asked who was in room 864 (Juliette’s bedroom). He complained of noise throughout the past two evenings and said it was disturbing him.  Of course, there was no one in the room next door - so who or what was it?  It was the hotel employees who named the ghost “Vivica” but who knows if it’s Juliette or Helen who haunt the rooms at the Shoreham.

This wing of the hotel has since been fully redesigned and restored.  This suite of rooms is now a Presidential Suite, named appropriately, THE GHOST SUITE and offers some of the most spectacular views of the city. 

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