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Simply Street Food Recipes

Simply Street Food Recipes

Latin flavors, Southeastern Asian flair, fresh ingredients and innovative techniques are essential to the Simply Street Food menu. Explore the step-by-step process for each winning dish.

Winning Recipes

Acaraje de Orixa   Citrus Ancho Braised Leg of Lamb Tostada  Famous Peddler's Char Kway Teow
 Acarajé de Orixá
Chef Josemar Passos,
Tivoli Ecoresort Praiai do Forte
Citrus Ancho Braised Lamb Tostado
Chef Scott Mole,
Omni Bedford Springs Resort
 Famous Peddler's Char Kway Teow
Chef Andy Oh,
Pan Pacific Orchard 
 Chicken Musakhan Sandwich  Duck Empanada with Smoked Tomato Mayo  Short Rib & Vermont Cheddar Sandwich
 Chicken Musakhan Sandwich
Chef Moh’d Alaa Allaham,
Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi
Duck Empanada with Smoked
Tomato Mayonnaise

Chef Gene Moss,
Omni La Mansion del Rio
Short Rib & Vermont Cheddar Sandwich
Chef Gerald Tice,
Omni Parker House