Omni Introduces Umami Sauce For The Fifth Taste

Umami Sauce Omni HotelsLong recognized for its excellence in food and beverage, Omni Hotels & Resorts has created its own Umami Sauce that will adorn the tables in select luxury hotels starting this week. This characteristic specialty sauce defines umami, the fifth taste after sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

Created by a team of Omni chefs from Chicago, Denver, Orlando and San Antonio, Omni Hotels’ new Umami Sauce was developed in tandem with Peter Mollett of Red Kitchen Foods. In keeping with the popularization of unique and interesting condiments, this new sauce captures the deliciousness that defines umami, a loose translation from the Japanese umai (delicious) and mi (taste).

A team of Omni chefs worked tirelessly for six months to create a sauce that perfectly combined the essential ingredients to achieve the umami factor. This secret sauce was then bottled, wrapped with an eye-popping label and is finally ready for its close up. Perfect for everything from scrambled eggs in the morning to a late-night burger, Omni’s new Umami Sauce is so good that hotel guests can purchase it for $9.95 a bottle in restaurants.

“We worked really hard to get our Umami Sauce just right.” said John Brand, Omni Hotels Area Executive Chef. “This was a real labor of love and cooperative effort between some of our best chefs across America and the genius of Peter Mollett of Red Kitchen Foods.”

“We always challenge ourselves to create new taste experiences for our guests,” continued David Morgan, Omni Hotel’s vice president of food and beverage. “We know that there’s nothing on the market that compares to our new Umami Sauce and we are excited to share it!”

Omni Hotels previously worked with Red Kitchen Foods to create specialty sauces for the Omni Fort Worth Hotel.

“It’s always a pleasure partnering with Omni Hotels to develop new specialty sauces,” said Peter Mollett, owner of Red Kitchen Foods. “The umami sauce has a unique, balanced flavor that will delight every palate.”

The creation of the Umami sauce is part of Omni’s food and beverage program to offer all natural, gluten free products that are equally pleasing to the taste buds.

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