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Spring and summer weddings are perfect for incorporating the beauty of the warmer seasons. Farm-to-table meals, flowers and greenery mixed into the ceremony, outdoor settings—seasonal touches like these make weddings truly memorable. Whether you’re aiming for a low-key feel or an upbeat and energetic vibe, here are 21 wedding trends for your spring and summer celebration.

On-Trend Wedding Themes

1. Destination Weddings

Destination weddings to sunny locales will continue to be popular this season. Give your guests a vacation by hosting a destination wedding to remember.

Amelia Island Wedding

2. Bohemian Style

Bohemian style—antique plates, dark, rich colors, lots of flowers—has been all the rage in weddings for several seasons. It isn’t going anywhere this year.

3. Farm-to-Table

Farm-to-table is everywhere, and it can be at your wedding too. Try serving dinner outside in a beautiful setting, and procure local meats, cheeses, and vegetables for your guests to enjoy.

Looking Beautiful and In-Style

4. Wedding Hair Trends

If you’re sticking with boho style, plenty of brides are making a statement with long, wavy hair and flower crowns.


5. The Veil

Long veils, called cathedral veils, that drape down your back and onto the floor are back in style. Try one made from antique lace.

6. The Wedding Gown

Rather than white or even off-white, the hot color of the season for brides is a surprise: blush!

Delectable Edibles

7. The Cake

This isn’t your mother or grandmother’s wedding cake. Unlike the ornate creations of decades past, modern cakes are made simple and chic with less frosting and decorations. Or an even trendier option—inside out cakes!


8. Edible Take-aways

Hand out something tasty for your guests to take home. Some popular options include doughnuts or macaroons in cute, wedding-themed packaging.

9. Light Meals

As for the meal, light, fresh, and green is what you’ll want for a spring or summer wedding. This way, guests will still be energetic enough to dance the night away after dinner.

Seasonal and Eco-Friendly Decorations

10. The Bouquet

Work this season’s flowers and greenery into your bouquet or try a cascading, loose bouquet versus a tight symmetrical one.


11. Table Settings

One of the best ways to make the most out of the seasonal foliage in spring and summer is to put it on your table! Try small succulents in cute jars as place settings.

12. Floral Decor

Hanging baskets of flowers and greenery aren’t just for the house anymore—they add depth to your space, particularly if they’re draped with hanging candles, too.

The Best Colors for You

13. Accents

If you want to go wild with your colors, don’t forget to mute them with more subtle metallic or neutral accents so the décor isn’t too loud.


14. Bold Colors

Don’t be afraid of bold colors. Adventurous shades like bright pinks, greens, and gold are all the rage right now for drapery and décor.

15. Pale Colors

Your wedding doesn’t have to be all brightness. If you’re a mellow kind of couple, palettes that match the season, such as greens, pinks, and whites, are also very tasteful.

Pampering Your Best Ladies

16. Bridesmaid Dress

Forgo the tradition that all bridesmaids should wear the same colors or styles—let them choose whatever hue and shape they like.


17. Dress Color

Consider dresses that mimic seasonal colors, like greens, blues, and purples, for your bridesmaids.

18. Pamper Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are doing a lot to be there on your big day, so pamper them with a spa treatment or manicure and pedicure.

Easy Groom Style

19. The Suit

Grooms can wear lighter colors for outdoor weddings: a tan suit with a mint tie is always a great option.


20. The Shoes

Who said that grooms (or brides, for that matter) have to wear formal footwear? If you’re a playful couple, you can always try canvas slip-on shoes or sneakers to create an easy mood for your wedding.

21. A Groom’s Room

Find a venue where your groom can hang out with friends before the wedding. Many Omni resorts offer a variety of activities and spaces for the guys to relax before the big event.

While trends are fun to consider for your wedding, the most important element is your style. Mix and match themes, choose your ideal location, and throw in some unique touches—if you stay true to yourself, your big day really can’t go wrong.