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Every Omni hotel brings in the best of each city’s culture through its choices in local art, cuisine, fashion and interior design. Nowhere is this more evident than the Omni Dallas Hotel, where more than 7,000 original artworks by local artisans are on display, including a restored Dallas icon, The Pegasus, illuminated in neon outside the hotel’s main entrance.

Pegasus Omni Dallas Hotel

From 1934 to 1999, the iconic Pegasus twirled atop the Dallas skyline from the roof of the Magnolia building. Standing 450 feet above the street, what many Dallas residents called “The Flying Red Horse” was a signal to travelers from all directions that they were approaching the city limits. Worn and torn, the original was replaced and packed away until more than a decade later when locals restored the piece. With approval from the city of Dallas, The Pegasus was brought to the Omni in May of 2015.


But the iconic city treasure perched outside the Omni Dallas only hints at the commitment to local art at this hotel. Inside, the lobby and restaurants are lined with local art and sculptures. About four to six pieces of artwork by 150 local artists hang in the 1,000+ guest rooms. And all of the art in the rooms is available for sale in the gift shop, placing the Dallas Omni Hotel among the largest commercial galleries in North Texas. When you visit the hotel look closely at the detail and you just might notice the iconic Pegasus used in unique places around the hotel, including stitched into a red Pegasus blanket cover in each guest room.

Omni Dallas Pegasus


“The art collection [in Dallas] is an extension of the design intent based on the interior architecture and design of the hotel,” said Laura McKoy, Creative Director and Vice President of Interior Design for Omni. “It’s a reflection of our city as almost a marketing center for Dallas, portrayed in both a literal and figurative sense, and showcases the many facets and dichotomy Dallas has to offer, from Fair Park, Northpark Mall, to the Arts District.”


Curating local artwork in each Omni hotel property endeavors to both support local artists and bring an authentic taste of the region’s culture into the hotel. “Any time you provide an opportunity for your guests to experience the city through multiple senses, you enhance the overall experience,” McKoy said. “Art and its city is a cornerstone of the Omni brand.”