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We know that adjusting your everyday routine, learning to juggle working from home, family time and other activities can be a bit stressful (trust us). Right about now, you probably need a little relaxation more than ever, but your go-to spa day may seem a little out of reach. We’re here to help. It turns out that creating a luxurious spa day at home is easier than you may think. We’re breaking down the perfect spa experience in four essential elements, with a little help from our resident expert, Hubert Bazan, Mokara Spa Director at Omni Houston Hotel. Follow our essential guide below and thank us later.

Spa candle and essentials

Spa Essential 1: Preparation

When we asked Hubert to name the single most important thing for creating the spa day, he answered without any hesitance – preparation. When you visit a luxury spa, everything is designed to keep interruptions at a minimum for continuous relaxation from one service to the next. Taking the time to ensure you have what you’ll need beforehand allows you to be in the moment and make this at spa day at home all about you.

To prepare for the perfect at-home spa day, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Set your intention:

Decide what you want to accomplish through this time for yourself and prepare your mindset for the day. Setting your intention helps you to be mindful of your thoughts, stay in the present and feel more relaxed. Your to-do list (and Instagram feed) will still be there tomorrow.

Commit to a time:

Set time aside when you know you will not be disturbed with work or other obligations. Try adding it to your calendar, like you would a spa appointment. This can serve as a reminder that you’re committing to this time for some much-needed selfcare.

Plan for what you’ll need:

Make a list of everything you need to create your perfect spa day at home, including candles (and matches), skincare products (and towels), refreshments (and napkins) … and a babysitter, if possible.

Include your friends or significant other:

“Consider setting up your tablet for a cyber spa day with friends who usually go to the spa with you! If you have a significant other, set up a time where you can share the experience together. You can teach them how to put on a mask or learn massage techniques and practice them,” says Hubert. We totally understand if you need a little alone time, but we think spa days are always a little more fun with the people you love.

Woman relaxing in tub

Spa Essential 2: Ambiance

If you think back to your last experience at a luxury spa, you’ll remember how the tone of relaxation engulfed you the moment you arrived. From the aromatic smells to the gentle music playing in the background, you were encouraged to breathe deeply and let go of any stress. You can recreate this tranquil atmosphere at home with these simple steps.

Create a relaxation room:

Instead of limiting yourself to your bathroom, which may or may not be as spacious as your favorite spa, try utilizing your bedroom as an area to prepare your mind and body before your treatments. Set up the room with prepared refreshments and snacks, lay out your softest robe and slippers, and maybe add an eye mask to complete the experience.

Choose the perfect scent:

Consider using an essential oil diffuser, humidifier or candle to fill your space with therapeutic scents. For stress relief and emotional balance, Hubert recommends lavender, Roman chamomile or cedarwood. Widely known for its calming properties, lavender heals and reduces stress. Roman chamomile can calm an anxious mind and help you to refocus, while grounding cedarwood promotes a sense of connectedness and belonging.

For energy, he recommends peppermint to awaken and refresh the mind. You can use it topically with a carrier oil, applying to the back of the neck, or inhale. Wild orange also invigorates and renews the mind while reducing anxiety. To feel the full effects of this scent, use it like the professionals by placing drops of essential oil into the palms of your hands, then cup your hands over your nose and inhale deeply several times.

Set the mood with music:

The right music can set your mind at ease and help drown out any noise that may be happening around you. There are several spa playlists that can be found on Spotify or other favorite streaming app. If you’d prefer to imagine you’re on a beach somewhere, try utilizing a sound machine or sleep sounds app for some tranquil ocean waves. Bonus tip: pair with coconut scents and a tropical fruit-infused water for the ultimate retreat.

Woman doing a stay at home facial

Spa Essential 3: Revitalizing Treatments

Whether your go-to treatment is a glow-inducing facial, a radiance-redeeming body scrub or relaxing massage, the perfect spa treatment comes down to two main elements: products and technique. Lucky for us, Hubert gave us the inside scoop of how to recreate some of these amazing treatments at home with ingredients you may already have in your kitchen or you can easily have delivered from your local grocery store. Follow the instructions below to recreate your favorite luxury treatment.

Flawless microdermabrasion facial:

Mix 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 ¼ teaspoon water and 2 drops essential oil (optional) in a small bowl until it becomes a liquid paste. Massage on your face, neck and decollate area using circular upward motions. Then rinse and apply your favorite face mask or moisturizer. This technique is great for all skin types but is not recommended more than twice per week.

Pro tip: Have some warm, damp towels ready to wipe the products from your face before you moisturize for a soothing effect.

Skin-smoothing body scrub:

Mix ¾ cup white or brown sugar with ½ cup of fractionated coconut oil and essential oil of your choice, adjusting to your preferred consistency. If you don’t have coconut oil on hand, no worries. You can substitute any nut, grapeseed or light oil. Apply the mixture to skin in circular motions and rinse off in the shower.

Relaxing massage:

For a great at home massage, make sure to use a quality massage oil or cream. Try looking for one with skin-nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Jojoba to leave your skin soft and smooth. If you’re trying massage for the first time with your significant other, Hubert says to remember you’re not a massage therapist, so you’ll probably tire quickly. Take your time, use slow strokes and avoid any bony areas like the spine, scapula or joints. Don’t be afraid to apply pressure, being careful to not only use your thumbs, which could start to hurt. Most importantly, be sure to communicate with each other on your preferences and pressure level throughout.

For solo massage, you can try a massage tool, designed to apply pressure on the trigger points throughout your body, including your back, arms and even feet. For an automated option, this one, also available on Amazon, adjusts to pinpoint sore muscles even in the hardest to reach areas of your back.

Woman enjoying spa snacks

Spa Essential 4: Sips and Snacks

Some may say that snacks aren’t essential, but we beg to differ. There is something so satisfying about treating yourself to the homemade snacks with just a touch of sweetness in the relaxation room or ordering your favorite light lunch from the spa menu. And of course, you must pair your flavorful fare with a refreshing beverage. What would a spa day be without infused waters and a little bubbly, after all?


Begin your spa experience with your favorite glass of sparkling wine (or sparkling grape juice). Add a couple of raspberries or other fruit of choice to add a touch of elegance.

When practicing massage, it’s especially important to stay hydrated, and if you ask us, hydration always tastes a little better with a fresh fruit fusion. Try adding strawberries, lemon and mint for a refreshingly citrusy option or pineapple, coconut and lime for a tropical variation. Be sure to serve chilled or over ice.

Spa snacks:

For a light, but savory snack, mix cream cheese with fresh dill, mayonnaise and a touch of sea salt, layering with cucumbers on fresh bread or crackers.

For a sweet fix, choose an assortment of tea cookies, or try a homemade granola with simple ingredients like rolled oats, honey, coconut oil, nuts and dried fruit. Bake at 300 degrees for around 20 minutes and voila! Add some fresh fruit and yogurt for a simple and delicious parfait.

The beautiful thing about a spa day at home is that it is completely customizable to you and your preferences. Use the techniques we’ve laid out here to create the perfect day for you. Then, when you’re able, you can revisit your favorite Mokara Spa and let us take care of every detail. Happy pampering!