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When you’re in the business of creating memorable experiences – you can’t ignore that an entire generation’s most memorable experience may be happening right now. With the unpredictable pandemic that changed nearly every aspect of life in just a matter of weeks, millions of Select Guest members rediscovered the comforts of their own home in ways often reserved for travel.

In a time where maintaining connections with family and friends is more important than ever, Stephen Loeffler, Director of Loyalty, reached out to some of our Select Guest members that we welcome to our hotels and resorts regularly and consider part of our family. We wanted to check-in, see how they are doing and let them know we are looking forward to welcoming them again as soon as possible.

Members At Home

For everything the Coronavirus has changed, many of our members told us that they found some pleasure in staying home, specifically having new experiences and connecting with loved ones. From learning a new language together or honing strategy skills in the age-old game of Chess, many of us made time to renew old interests or even try something new. After hearing from our members, we found that staying home has reminded all of us of the fortunes that remain.

“My wife and I have five children, when I am traveling, I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I would like to. This time at home has been a blessing in disguise for me. While these circumstances are terrible, it has allowed my family to spend more time together, talk at the dinner table and reconnect.”Tony D., Windber, PA

Moments that Matter

Collage of Omni Guest photos

At Omni, we see clients, friends and families coming together to connect every day. Whether we’re hosting an important business meeting, setting the stage for your most memorable moments or simply giving your family a home-away-from-home to relax somewhere different, a stay at Omni always starts with a warm welcome. Our members shared with us some of the favorite memories from staying at Omni.

“I have several memories while staying at the Omni, but specifically the staff at Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They all know me by name and the service is exceptional, I look forward to every visit.”Tony D

“I sat on the balcony of my room at Omni Hotel At The Battery Atlanta overlooking Suntrust [now Truist] Park with a bottle of wine and reminisced about all of the memories I had growing up watching the Braves.”Richard K., Atlanta, GA

How Travel Impacts Our Lives

We learned from our members that travel of all kinds and to all places has a profound impact on our lives, and when that luxury stops (temporarily), our happy memories can still bring a smile to our faces. Our members shared that they take vacations to experience new things, especially global cuisine, and want to pass along their love of travel to their kids and family.

“Everyone is unique and special in their own ways and cultures; we need to embrace people and learn while traveling in order to experience life. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone.”Bradley K., Austin, TX

“I always try to explore and absorb some local culture wherever I go. On my first trip to Seattle, I explored Pike Place Market. Now it’s one of my favorite places and I try to get there at least once a year. The food is great, and the views are so calming. You guys need an Omni in Seattle!”Peter L., Boston, MA

Memorable Experiences

Memorable Experiences Collage of Omni Amenities

While hotels and resorts simply act as the backdrop, we know that it’s the people you travel with (or encounter along the way) that really make travel experiences unforgettable. We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of so many milestone birthdays, holiday festivities and family vacations. Whether they happen at our hotels or elsewhere around the world, travelers never forget the experiences that changed our lives, make us smile or allowed us to connect with others and gain perspective.

“One time on a family vacation, we had a corner suite [at Omni Berkshire Place] with more than enough room for everyone. It was the largest hotel room in New York City that I had ever stayed in, and I’ve been going up there for twenty years. We called it our Manhattan apartment, and it was awesome.”C. Gummer, Dallas, TX

“[I traveled on an] amazing 10-person yacht cruise with family and friends and a crew of 12 that did PADI certification. The chef, bartender and crew became part of our family.”Michael H.

“During September 11, I was caught overseas in Malaysia. My local co-workers adopted me as part of their family and culture for six weeks before I could go home to the USA,”Bradley K.

Stay A Part Of Hope

While the world patiently waits to see what the next week, month or year looks like, these road-warriors look forward to traveling again. Although their business and leisure travel will likely look different, with more health and safety processes in place; the desire to experience new places and cultures, build personal connections, and learn something new will remain a large part of our guests’ lives and our purpose.

“For me personally, once things open up we’ll be back on the road visiting our favorite places as soon as we feel safe. The world will not be afraid to go out in due time.”Bradley K.

“Inevitably, some element of virtual meetings will displace the in-person meetings of the past. But, there is always a premium in my business for showing up – it’s very personal”M. Hoffmann

“I do not see [work travel] resuming on any normal basis until mid-June. Recreationally, I have no idea when it will be possible to plan a getaway. Hopefully some summer trips will be possible!”Peter L.

When the time is right, we look forward to welcoming you back to over 60 properties across North America from Omni Amelia Island Resort to Omni San Diego Hotel, the resilient Omni Berkshire Place and our newest hotels opening soon, Omni Viking Lakes Hotel, Omni Oklahoma City Hotel and Omni Boston Hotel at The Seaport. In the meantime, we hope that you’ll continue to embrace the special moments in your own homes.