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Stay in shape and de-stress with these workouts for every type of fitness enthusiast. If you’re new to working out, the comfort of your own home is a great way to explore your fitness routine preference without the intimidation of trying a new gym or class. With little to no equipment needed, staying in shape at home is convenient, cost-effective and builds confidence, so why not get started today?

Woman working out

Photo courtesy of Gold’s Gym

For the Cross-Trainer:

If you like to incorporate a variety of cardio, strength training and stretching to your workout, try Gold’s AMP app. Gold’s Gym, a nationwide fitness brand with over 400 locations, is extending the new app’s free trial through May for all users. With over 600 workouts across 15 modalities, Gold’s AMP allows users to switch-up their workout routine daily to prevent getting bored. Every workout includes audio-coaching, video demonstrations and DJ-curated playlists that sync perfectly with the BPMs of each movement.

The app is unique in that it offers workouts for all types of equipment and levels of fitness. From guided walks to trainer-led elliptical sessions, Gold’s AMP will motivate you to push harder in all areas of your fitness routine. For users with no equipment at home, try the Bodyweight, Core, Outdoor Run and Outdoor Walk/Jog categories.

We spoke to Nicole Cook, digital entertainment manager for Gold’s AMP, about making the best use of your at-home workout. “Even when I’m just going on a walk, I use the Gold’s AMP to add purpose and intention from the guided coaches,” said Cook. “From prompting stops for jumping jacks every few minutes to coaching me through power walk intervals, the trainers maximize your workout in ways that make them fun and effective with music to the beat.”

Download the app to your smartphone through the app store to find out more information about the program. Use promo code OMNISELECT for free access through June 15, 2020. Code must be redeemed by May 31, 2020.

Lady using Peloton

Photo courtesy of Peloton

For the Cyclist:

Peloton, an industry leader in indoor cycling, is offering an extended 90-day free trial for its app, opposed to the regular 30-day trial period. The app is compatible with all standard indoor cycling bikes and offers a range of classes tailored to appeal to spin class lovers and outdoor cyclists alike. If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat class, try the rhythm, theme or live DJ classes to motivate you while having a party on your bike. If a traditional workout is more your speed, the app offers climbs, intervals and a “pro cyclist” mode. To round out your workout off the bike, cool down with an instructor-led yoga class or heat it up with a strength training circuit also available in the app.

Don’t have an indoor cycling bike? Repurpose a regular bike for indoor cycling by adding a bike trainer. These can be found for as affordable as $55 compared to the larger price tag of most exercise bikes.

Woman running solo

For the Runner:

From the treadmill to the sidewalk, these workouts have you covered for a high-intensity training session.

Mile High Run Club, a treadmill-based fitness studio in New York City, is offering free virtual classes via Instagram Live for a limited time only. The classes range from track drills to dashes for 30-60 minutes. Tune in and run along with one of the best workouts found in the Big Apple.

Download the Nike Run Club app to track progress, run along with celebrities, follow training plans and enter challenges for added motivation. For treadmill or outdoor use, this app is free year-round and can be used for all levels of fitness. Going outside for a daily walk or jog is a great way to get out of the house and offers a family friendly activity while keeping fitness in mind.

For the Pilates Pro:

If barre classes and reformers are your preferred method of staying in shape, these options are great ways to keep up the hard work from the comfort of your home.

Pilates instructor Cassey Ho provides hundreds of follow-along videos for free on her YouTube channel, Blogilates, targeting everything from love handles to abs. Ho’s flawless technique and energetic attitude make it easy to stay motivated while feeling the burn. Try one of her 30-day challenges to kick-start your workout routine and tone up in no time. Best of all – her videos are free and require no equipment, making them a commitment-free way to start Pilates without having to pay for pricey class packages.

The Piliates Anytime app offers studio-comparable classes at a fraction of the cost for only $18 a month. Boasting over 180 instructors from 40 schools of Pilates, users have the opportunity to take tailored classes ranging in style, equipment needed and class focus. First time users can test the app with a 15-day trial period online or on their smartphone.

For the Yogi:

To stay grounded and find your balance, try practicing yoga. It requires little to no equipment and there are hundreds of yoga tutorials online for all levels.

CorePower Yoga, a national yoga company with over 200 studios, is offering free classes via livestream daily at 8 a.m., 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. MT for a limited time only. This amazing deal as in-studio flows can cost over $30 per class, depending on the location. If these times don’t fit your schedule, the brand’s online platform, CorePower Yoga On Demand, has hundreds of signature classes available for a one- week free trial. When your free week is up, the service has 20 videos available that you can rotate through to keep up your progress.

Alo Yoga, a brand best known for fashion-forward athleisure apparel, teamed up with some of the world’s most influential yoga teachers to create Alo Moves, an app made for yogis by yogis. This app offers videos on yoga, fitness, mindfulness and skills needed to elevate your practice. Try the app for free for two-weeks before committing to a $20 monthly subscription or a $120 annual fee. Download the app on your smartphone or Apple TV.

For the Weight Lifter:

Weight lifting from home is hard due to the need for equipment, but we’ve come up with some creative ways to overcome this obstacle to keep you from skipping leg day.

Try body-weight workout plans for effective results without using equipment. The Nike Training Club app offers over 150 workouts for strength training that can be modified without using equipment. Simply download the app, create an account and search the Strength category to get started. From every target area to choose from, these athlete-created routines will boost your strength without the need for a gym.

If you’re feeling resourceful, create your own light weights intended for arm isolations or to increase your workout’s intensity with the following common home goods:

  • Cans
  • Water jugs
  • Water bottles filled with sand, rice or beans

Staying in shape is all about motivation, mindset and consistency, so keep up the hard work and you’ll feel better before you know it.