There’s Magic in Every Design Detail

When you stay at Omni Hotels & Resorts, no two experiences are quite the same. From flooring designs recalling frets on a guitar in the lobby of the Omni Nashville Hotel to a massive driftwood art installation hanging from the ceiling at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, the Omni design team truly brings the local culture to life with magic in the design details of each hotel.

“We work to infuse the flavor of the city throughout all aspects of the project,” says Laura McKoy, creative director and vice president of interior design for Omni Hotels & Resorts. “We like to deconstruct the stories and ideas of a city and put them back together in a more creative way, but without being too obvious.” See below for just a few examples of the details that go into the design of some of our hotel properties.

Omni Dallas Hotel

The Pegasus, a Dallas icon which previously sat on the roof of the Magnolia building from 1934 to 1999, can be found right outside the main entrance of the Omni Dallas Hotel. After approval from the city of Dallas, this iconic city treasure has been standing outside since May of 2015. The Pegasus can also be found throughout the hotel in unique places, including stitched into a red Pegasus blanket cover that’s available in each guest room.

This Dallas symbol barely touches the commitment to local art and sculptures that are located throughout the hotel. “The art collection [in Dallas] is an extension of the design intent based on the interior and design of the hotel. It’s a reflection of our city as almost a marketing center for Dallas, portrayed in both a literal and figurative sense,” says McKoy.

Omni Louisville Hotel

The Omni design team fully immersed themselves when drawing inspiration for the Omni Louisville Hotel. “We were inspired by the city and we want the hotel to inspire the guests. I hope the locals feel very proud in that we’ve captured the essence of Louisville when they enter the space,” says McKoy. The lobby design draws influence from adventures in Louisville which guests can see come together through the use of deconstructed bourbon barrels, bridge trusses, copper, neon and steel, creating a dynamic space.

Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta

The Omni Hotel at The Battery Atlanta brings the details to your attention when you enter each guestroom. The tufted upholstery used for the large headboard and bench draws inspiration from materials used in baseball gloves. And the Atlanta Braves color scheme comes right to life with the crisp white bedding and clean horizontal red lining at the foot of the bed. The spirit of baseball can be seen even more as one of two pieces of artwork are located in each guestroom, either a deconstructed baseball outlining the state of Georgia or a quote from the legendary Hank Aaron.

The Omni King Edward Hotel

The Crystal Ballroom at The Omni King Edward Hotel was home to some of Toronto’s most prestigious social functions from weddings to high-profile galas. When it began renovation back in 2015, heavy influence came from the original interior, featuring old-world charm and enhanced by modern style and luxury.

The new permanent bar is designed to reflect the timeless detailing of the original era and the carpet reminiscent of the early 1920’s. The three ornate chandeliers, of which the ballroom is named after, were updated with a modern twist.

Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa

Extreme detail went into each design aspect of the current renovation at Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa. The line between indoor and outdoor becomes blurry the moment you enter the lobby with windows showcasing spectacular views of the Texas Hill Country. The light fixture behind the front desk resembles fireflies like those you might see on a clear Texas night.

The design pushes you to focus outward and the long spaces located throughout the property allow as many windows as possible to put the Texas Hill Country on display. While the property is currently closed for renovation, it is scheduled to reopen in spring of 2019 and will feature a brand new resort tower, spa, golf proshop, expanded poolscape and much more.

“We really try to go in and embrace a city and tell its story,” says McKoy. “When guests come to visit us, our hope is that when they leave they feel like they were able to get to know the city just by being in our hotel.”

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