Current Associates

Omni prepares its Associates for the future with proprietary training programs that develop aspiring hospitality professionals. Omni maintains a distinguished internal promotion rate within the hospitality industry.  

  • Omni Management Development Series — Critical hospitality operations principles such as situational leadership, mentoring, recruiting and retention, finance, associate relations and revenue management are shared with managers during this five-course training series. 

  • Self-Directed Development Programs — Associates interested in taking the next step in their career can embark on a Self-Directed Development Program specific to their ideal future position. 

  • Introduction to Management — Select soon-to-be and newly promoted managers are invited to a semi-annual training program to interact with corporate executives, share best practices and prepare for their new leadership role. 

  • Executive in Development — Select mid-level managers are prepared for executive-level advancement through this dynamic program that incorporates property-level mentorships and a unique annual training conference