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Cancun Body Treatments

Hot stone massage
These exquisite therapies are designed to renew the body, calm the mind and honor the spirit. Note that pregnant women, claustrophobic persons, individuals with high or low blood pressure or an iodine allergy should advise of this when scheduling service

Green tea Body Scrub

Removes dead cells by activating the blood circulation complemented by a pleasant aroma of green tea and ginger.

25/50 minutes – $60/120 USD

Chocolate Body Scrub

This scrub removes dead cells and activates the micro blood circulation with a pleasant aroma of cocoa.

25/50 minutes – $60/120 USD

Sea weed Body Wrap

Rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements, this warm wrap acts on water retention, fatty deposits and the accumulation of metabolic waste. In addition to its advanced slimming effect, this body wrap also offers intense remineralization, necessary for balance and well-being.

50/80 minutes – $130/160 USD

Chocolate Body Wrap 

A total indulgence all the benefits of the chocolate. The delicious body wrap with the rind of the planet of the cocoa ground prepares his skin to absorb the magnificent benefits of the chocolate. It acts directly on the endorphins causing a condition of relaxed happiness, acts on the deep cellulite, leaving the smooth skin and with a pleasant aroma.

50/80 minutes – $130/160 USD

Prices subject to change.

Our massage therapists have been trained in a variety of massage techniques and modalities. We encourage you to discuss your preferences and goals with your therapist. Note that pregnant women, people who have had recent surgery, or people with allergies, varicose veins, high blood pressure, or heart conditions should mention the condition when scheduling services.

Herbal Healing Massage

This massage includes steam-heated bags, filled with Mexican flowers and aromatic herbs, applied to tired muscles to relieve tension. Opens the pores, allowing the healing properties of the herbs to be absorbed. Releases deep and curative heat and helps to release tension and relax body and mind.

80 minutes – $200 USD

Omni Massage

Pressures, slides and manipulations change between firm and deep using natural oils that they allow to relax the muscular and nervous system. This one integrates elements of healing as Reiki, reflexology, digit - pressure, lymphatic stimulation, aromas, musical notes to help to the unfreezing of the energetic, physical, and vital flow, curing motions and feelings, harmonizing mind, conscience, soul and spirit.

50/80 minutes $155/190 USD

Aromatherapy Massage

Curative aromatic balsams are applied all over your body, including a multidimensional massage with rhythmic movements. The use of essential oils, relieve the physical and mental tension through your senses. It reduces the stress, improving the immunological system, helping the vascular and lymphatic circulation. This therapy is not recommended for pregnant women or people with intensive allergies.

50/80 minutes $155/190 USD


The rituals with stones were an important part of the Mayan Culture as a curative element and restored vitality. This massage incorporates the use of hot stones that are placed all over your body and used for giving the massage in combination with aromatic oils. The warmth of the stones with a variety of acupressure techniques, relax muscular tension, stimulating the circulation system and improving mobility.

50/80 minutes $145/175 USD

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage restores using a variety of techniques as stretching and lomi lomi that will help to balance and reach a deep therapeutic effect. It’s ideal for chronic pain, fluid retention and muscular tiredness.

50/80 minutes $145/175 USD

Swedish Massage

Traditional massage which combines slippery manipulation and soft massaging with relaxing action. The stress disappears and the energy and vitality of the body is restored.

50/80 minutes – $125/155 USD


This massage specially designed for the needs that the future mother has of enjoying softly and comfortably to relax his shoulders, hips, legs and neck during this stage of gestation.

50 minutes – $145 USD

Back Massage

The stress will literally melt away as you feel your upper and lower back relaxed by this focused massage.

25/50 minutes – $85/$135 USD

Reflexology Massage

Ancient Oriental technique that promotes the balance of energy and the state of internal healing of the body to create total welfare; it consists in stimulating through pressure and friction in certain reflex points on the feet, that correspond to the organs and different parts of the body.

25/50 minutes – $85/135 USD

Couple Massage

Enjoy Cancun and relax your senses.

50 minutes – $240 USD

Prices subject to change.

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