Omni La Costa Resort & Spa (Carlsbad)
2100 Costa Del Mar Road
Carlsbad, California 92009

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patsy bock

Patsy Bock

Director of Sales & Marketing

Years in Hospitality: 25 years

Graduated from: Loyola Marymount University

Enjoys: Hiking, bird watching and singing

Favorite things about Omni La Costa: Our associates, gardens and history

john anderson

John Anderson

Director of Sales

Years in Hospitality: 20 years

Has lived in: Boston, Hawaii and Los Angeles

Graduated from: San Diego State University – Go Aztecs!

Favorite Sports Team: It’s a tie… Boston Red Sox and San Diego Chargers

alan mcconnell

Alan McConnell

Associate Director of Sales, Southeast

Years in Hospitality: 24 years

Grew up in: Dublin, Ireland

Hobbies: Deep-sea fishing 

Special Talent: BBQ Master Chef

ryan buzzard

Ryan Buzzard

National Sales Manager, Northeast

Years in Hospitality: 18 years

Graduated from: University of Arizona

Enjoys:  Traveling! I have visited 6 continents

Special Talent: Fluent in German

lindsay mistretta

Lindsay Mistretta

National Sales Manager, Southwest, San Diego & Orange County

Years in Hospitality: 11 years

Graduated from: Ithaca College

Special Talent: I was a competitive sailor and instructor for many years

Enjoys: Wine and travel

kimberly leary

Kimberly Leary

National Sales Manager, Los Angeles, Northern California & Pacific Northwest

Years in Hospitality: 23 years

Graduated from: Weber State University

Pets: Two cats – Jake and Charlie

Enjoys: Hiking with my family

Tamra Hunter

Tamra Hunter

National Sales Manager, Midwest

Years in Hospitality:  7 years

Grew up in: San Diego

Graduated from: Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City

Enjoys: The beach and trying out new local restaurants

jennifer shriver

Jen Shriver

National Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic

Years in Hospitality: 6 years

Graduated from: Kent State University

Pets: White Boxer named Lily

Favorite Sports Team: Ohio State

jennifer balch

Jennifer Balch

Sales Manager

Years in Hospitality: 20 years

Graduated from: University of Houston

Children: Identical twin boys

Favorite Sports Team: Denver Broncos

jamie swanson

Jamie Swanson

Sales Manager

Years in Hospitality: 8 years

Graduated from: California State University, San Marcos

Special Talent: Baking! I love testing out new flavors for cupcakes and can make custom cakes to match any theme.

Favorite Sports Teams: Anaheim Ducks and San Diego Gulls

Headshot Hannah Duryee

Hannah Duryee

Sales Manager

Years in Hospitality: 9 years

Children: An exuberant toddler named Penelope

Favorite Sports Team: San Francisco Giants

Enjoys: Country music concerts, baseball games, and reading

Headshot Amanda Wessel

Amanda Wessel

Travel Industry Sales Manager

Years in Hospitality: 25 years

Graduated from:  Central Michigan University

Enjoys: Spending time with family 

Special Talent: I can drive and operate a John Deere Tractor

chris chung

Christopher Chung

Business Travel Sales Manager

Years in Hospitality: 10 years

Grew up in: New York, New York

Hobbies:  Cooking, hiking and listening to music

Special Talent: Teaching and dancing West Coast Swing