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bring to the beachWritten by Sharon Williams, Hobbies on a Budget.

Everyone knows to pack sunscreen and sand toys when they head to the beach with kids. But there are 10 things important to bring to the beach that most people forget. Whether you are spending a week at an exotic resort or traveling to the sandy beaches on the Florida coast (maybe Omni Amelia Island Resort?), make sure you pack smart so you don’t end up spending your time looking for these items at the local grocery or pharmacy. You’ll save money, time and even your sanity if you plan ahead with these 10 items!

1. Moo Cream: Sand is sticky and itchy. It can cause rashes and lead to some serious problems – especially in little boys. Udderly Smooth Moo Cream is the best thing we’ve found to soothe the discomfort caused by sand in the wrong places.
2. Shell Bags: These little mesh bags come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each person should have their own mesh bag with a string so they can collect their favorite shells while walking the beach. Buy them according to each person’s favorite color for easy reference.
3. Camera and Phone Accessories: The beach will offer many amazing photo opportunities you don’t want to miss. Make sure you take your camera and portable chargers, batteries and memory card so you can capture the special experiences a beach vacation offers.
4. Deck of Cards: The weather is unpredictable when you get close to the beach. Be prepared for a rainy day by packing a deck of cards or a board game that the whole family can enjoy.
5. Mobile Device: Kids love to play in the sand and waves, but they are going to tire out and require some rest time. Since most kids will be too excited to take a nap, pack a mobile device and download movies and games that will keep them engaged for about 1 ½ hours so they can rest and get ready for more fun in the sun. 
6. Tylenol (or fever reducer): Sun-burns make you feel miserable. You need some kind of medicine that you are comfortable taking that will calm headaches or help your fever.
7. Ziploc Bags: Every vacation can benefit from Ziploc bags. You can use them to collect your seashells, pack your snacks for the beach or stow your wet swimsuit. Don’t leave home without at least one box of Ziploc baggies!
8. Sharpie Marker: The best thing about a sharpie marker is that it won’t wipe off if it gets wet. If you are traveling with kids, then you know how possessive they can be about their great treasures they find. Let each child label their shell bags, cups or goggles so there is no debate over who has which one.
9. Bottle for Sand: Everyone wants to bring home souvenirs from their beach trip. Why not take along small plastic bottles from a hobby store so you can write the date and name of the beach to collect some actual sand from where you stayed?
10. Flashlight: Not only is a flashlight a necessity when searching for crabs on the beach at night, it also provides a safety measure when staying at an unfamiliar condo or hotel. If there is a storm or the lights go out, you will be able to navigate your family to safety.

What other items do you pack on a beach trip? Did I mention your top favorite? I’d love to hear!

Written by Sharon Williams, a mom of 3 who loves to travel, garden and spend time with family. She blogs about hobbies and life at Hobbies on a Budget, and today gives savings pointers for your next family vacation.


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