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Omni Hotels & Resorts properties reflect the local flavor of the city in which they are located. In the Omni Nashville Hotel, the design and décor, culinary, lifestyle and retail venues all stem from and become reflective of Nashville. Each property is unique, and with our new hotels, Omni is extending this even further, expressing the local flavor through art. What better way to see a reflection of a city or region than through the eyes of an artist. The hotel will have a fabulous art collection culled from Tennessean-based artists, making up more than half of the pieces on display. The art, inspired by the music history and culture in Nashville, conveys a unique sense of place – you can almost hear the music without an audible soundtrack.

Hotel Decor

Omni partnered with design firms Looney & Associates and art consultants including Soho Myriad to create a look of urban elegance with a vintage touch within the property. The art in the rooms is Nashville-related, recalling postcards, travel sketches and hatch show prints. The design ensured the hotel will have warm inviting spaces accented by vintage Nashville heirlooms intended to resemble a family residence, creating a feeling of coming home.

Omni Nashville Hotel Front Desk

Omni Nashville Hotel photos


We commissioned several individual pieces that are true reflections of the Nashville Music culture. The Dolan Geiman Nashville Series was directly inspired by the famous Nudie suits made popular by Western stage performers such as Porter Wagoner. These rhinestone-encrusted suits feature themed images, and are an iconic part of Nashville’s music history. A mural featuring a quote by Tennessee Williams is planned for the king-size bedrooms: “In memory, everything seems to happen to music.” Prints by Hatch Show Print depicting the Tennessee mockingbird were commissioned for bedrooms with double queen-size beds. Hatch is one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America, since 1879 its posters have featured performers from all types of music. Also, Hatch will relocate its shop to the lobby area that will connect the Omni Nashville Hotel to the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum.


Omni Nashville Hotel art Marty Robbins


In addition, guests in our hotel will be surrounded by music inspiration such as old microphones, musical instruments and if you look closely enough at the décor, subtle and not so subtle guitar and musical-note inspired patterns, carpet design and light fixtures. A 200,000-square-foot expansion to the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum and seamlessly connected on three levels, the Omni Nashville Hotel is designed to embed the hotel with the heart of Nashville‘s world-renowned music industry. An internal pedestrian pathway provides a seamless connection from the hotel to the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum. There will be display cases in the connecting corridor that will feature special pieces from the Museum’s archive. Barlines, Omni Nashville’s nightlife venue, is referred to as a honkytonk — not just a bar — and will play live music seven nights a week.

Omni Nashville Hotel Guitars

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Omni Nashville Hotel lobby fret

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