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39 Beach Lagoon
Amelia Island, Florida 32034
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The Spa 

Amelia Island Spa Services

Massage Treatments (Ages 18 and older):

Swedish Massage
Our most popular massage and certainly one of our most enjoyable, this massage promotes relaxation, enhances circulation, relieves muscle pain and tension and improves flexibility.
50 minutes - $125, 80 minutes - $190

Aromatherapy Massage
This Swedish massage includes the addition of potent herbal and aromatherapy oils to promote circulation, diminish toxins and encourage deep relaxation.
50 minutes - $135, 80 minutes - $200

Deep Tissue Sports Massage
Experience the rejuvenating effects of a deep-tissue massage. This intense indulgence helps restore body alignment and range of motion by focusing on the deeper layer of muscle tissue.
50 minutes - $140, 80 minutes - $205

Hot Stone Massage
This relaxing massage harnesses the restorative power of thermotherapy - the direct application of warm stones and hands to thoroughly and effectively penetrate the muscles. 
75 minutes - $175

Lomi Lomi Massage
A gentle rhythmic massage that is based on the sacred Hawaiian hula. The therapist uses ocean oil and long, repetitive strokes performing figure-eight-like movements.
80 minutes - $175

Couples Massage
Treat yourself and a companion to the ultimate in relaxation with a dual massage in the comfort of a private treatment room.  Your experience continues as you both relax in our private couples relaxation room.
50 minutes - $260, 80 minutes - $390

An ancient Chinese practice based on the notion that each body organ corresponds to a specific point on the foot. A restorative process in which feet are massaged to re-establish an optimal flow of energy.
25 minutes - $65, 50 minutes - $115

In-Room Massage, same gender therapist available with
a surcharge of $55, in addition to the price of your selected massage from this menu. Based on availability.

Body Treatments (Ages 18 and older):

Seaside Sensory Journey
Includes a 3-step exfoliation under the restorative waters of our vichy shower using rich plant sterols, arctic white peat and a wild cherry blossom rice buff. Enjoy a refreshing body spritz formulated to revive the skin by creating a totally negative ion environment. Your journey continues with a soothing 25-minute massage, followed by a cool down treatment using natural silk proteins and plum wine sugar acids.
80 minutes - $210, 105 minutes - $265

Plantation Blossom Ritual
Your combination exfoliation and massage service begins with a warmed exfoliate of lemon, paypaya, cherry blossom, and rice powder cream, followed by a foot massage based on reflexology to revitalize the body's energies, and lastly, a relaxing body massage.   
80 minutes - $195

Sweet Sugar Glow
Relax and enjoy our three tea, ginger and sugar scrub. This treatment rids the body of old skin cells, revealing new healthy skin while enhancing its elasticity and replenishing lost moisture.
50 minutes - $115

Himalayan Salt Stone
Utilizing natural crystal energy, this treatment gently detoxifies the body.  Warmed salt crystals from caves beneath the Himalayan Mountains are strategically placed to balance the body's energy.    
50 minutes - $115, 80 minutes - $165

This Japanese form of healing transfers the energy from practitioner to patient using light to no pressure touch and enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself.
25 minutes - $ 65, 50 minutes - $115

Strengthen Restoration 
Designed for golfers, tennis players or anyone suffering from low back pain or desiring to restore their body to peak performance, this service incorporates active isolated stretching and Thai stretching techniques.   Loose clothing is required for this service.
50 minutes - $135

Facial Treatments ( All our facials include cleansing, exfoliation, mask, toning and moisturizer, for ages 16 and older):

Custom Cleansing Facial
Re-establish the natural beauty and health of your skin with pure ingredients and simple luxury.   Customized to provide your complexion with the most benefits.
50 minutes - $125, 80 minutes - $190

Organic Ladies Facial
We lavish your skin with antioxidants and wild-crafted essential oils for a radiant, healthy glow.  A detailed consultation on your home care program assures continued results.
50 minutes - $125, 80 minutes - $190

Anti-Aging Facial
The perfect blend of peptides, antioxidants, firming collagen and hyaluronic filling agents are applied to melt time away.   Then, a mineral micro-dermabrasion prepares the skin to receive "injection-like" wrinkle-filling serums and restore youthfulness.
80 minutes - $195

Japanese Facial Massage 
Through the use of acupressure and special manipulative massage strokes, this treatment concentrates on opening up the meridians that energize the face, head and shoulders to achieve a balancing effect.
50 minutes - $115

The Spa At Amelia Island Plantation
Lic. #MM0001741
6800 First Coast Hwy
Amelia Island, FL 32034


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