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How do I reach an Omni Hotels' Reservations Specialist?
Please call 1-800-THE-OMNI to reach a reservations specialist.

Who can I contact by email if I have problems with my reservations?
Please contact for assistance regarding your reservation.

When can I expect to get an answer to an inquiry?
Our goal is to respond to all questions within 24 hours of receipt. For immediate assistance, you may call 1-888-444-OMNI (6664) seven days a week from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, Central Standard Time. 

How will becoming a registered user help me?
By joining Select Guest, you can save your reservations online and enjoy the program’s many benefits. With your Select Guest log-in, you can view your reservations and guest profile online as well as recall your stored information in the booking form with the click of a button. If you are not a Select Guest member you will need to provide your confirmation number and last name to retrieve a reservation online.

Do I have to use a credit card to book a reservation on the Internet? Is your reservations process secure?
Yes, we normally ask for a credit card to confirm and/or guarantee a reservation. All information provided to us is relayed over a secure server. The information you provide will not be used, sold or rented in anyway. See Terms of Use for more information.

What happens if I use a debit card to book my reservation?
Debit cards will be processed and charged the day online check-in is completed. This authorization will hold funds from the account in the amount of the room charge and tax plus $50 USD per day throughout the duration of the guest's stay.

If I need more than one room, can I book two rooms with one reservation?
Yes, you can select multiple rooms when making a reservations online. Simply click on “more options” to add more rooms to your reservation up to 3 rooms. Please note that each room reservation will generate a unique confirmation code.

If I want a king sized bed in my room how do I request one?
When making your reservation simply type your request in the special preference field. We will do our best to make sure your requests are met depending on availability.

How do I request an accessible room?
An accessible room may be requested by typing the information in the special preference field when making your reservation. If you are a Select Guest member who normally requires an accessible room, you may update your Select Guest profile to include this personal preference request.

What if I keep receiving an error message when I check availability?
Error messages may be related to your PC or online access. However, if you encounter a problem that appears to be related to our site, please contact us at or 1-888-444-OMNI (6664) and we will be happy to assist you.

What about security for the rest of the booking form?
We maintain the highest level of security and privacy so that we can safely store certain personal booking information, including credit card numbers, to ensure your personal preferences are honored.

How do you store my personal information?
Your personal booking information is securely stored on our server and is only accessible via your complete and correct login.

How will you use my stored personal information?
This service is designed for the convenience of Select Guest members who are online reservations users. Your stored personal information will only be used to better assist us in completing your online transactions as well as to provide you with occasional promotional news to assist you in your future travels.

How do I change my stored personal information?
You may change your stored personal information at any time when you Update Your Profile. Simply enter your Select Guest membership number or registered email address and a password in the reservations login area, and then select UPDATE from the pulldown menu. You will then be provided with a copy of your stored personal information which you may update and submit.

How do I remove my stored personal information?
You may remove your stored personal information at any time when you Update Your Profile. Simply enter your correct username and Select Guest membership number or registered email address and a password in the reservations login area and select UPDATE from the pulldown menu. You will then be provided with a copy of your stored personal information which you may update. Simply enter blank spaces in all of the optional fields which have information contained in them and they will be deleted upon submitting the form.

Will I get the same rates and availability on the Internet as I would if I called the reservations number?
Yes, Omni Hotels Global Distribution system mirrors the same availability whether you book on the Web, through 1-888-444-OMNI (6664), through a Travel Agent or by calling the hotel directly. We want you to utilize the booking method you find most convenient. However, by booking on you will be receiving the best value. You’ll find the most options for your stay on our Web site as we strive to provide solutions that go beyond just dollars and cents.

Can I book discounted, special, corporate or group rates on the Internet?
Discounted, special, corporate and group rates are available online. For rates that you qualify for, you can enter your special discount or group code in the appropriate box on the reservation form. To see the code box you may need to click the More Options link.

What age must I be to check into an Omni Hotels property?
The person whose name is on the reservation must be at least 21 years of age to check into an Omni Hotel property (except the Hotel Omni Mont-Royal, Omni Cancun Hotel and Villas and the Omni Puerto Aventuras Beach Resort; the guest must be 18). Photo Identification is required upon check-in. Any person who has made a reservation, is staying alone and is not at least 21 years of age will not be allowed to check-in.

What age is considered a 'child' for reservation purposes?
In most circumstances, a 'child' is considered to be 17 years of age or younger. Some hotels (including hotels located in New York, Cancun, Puerto Adventuras, Mount Washington and others) make exception to this age. For these hotels a 'child' is any person who is 12 years of age or younger. In these cases, anyone who is older than 13 years of age will be considered an adult and will be charged at the adult rate.

How long do I have to achieve a certain tier status?
One calendar year, January 1 through December 31.

How many nights must I stay to achieve each tier status?
Gold: 0-9 eligible nights annually; Gold Level is automatically awarded upon joining Select Guest
Platinum: 10- 29 eligible nights annually
Black: 30+ eligible nights annually

I know I can earn tier status by staying exclusively with Omni Hotels & Resorts. Is there any other way I can get there faster?
Omni Hotels & Resorts is a proud partner of the Global Hotel Alliance or GHA, which means that you can stay at nearly 300 other hotel brands world-wide to earn tier status! Visit for a complete list of our partner hotels. 

Once I achieve a certain level, how long will I keep that status before I lose my tier status?
Gold level status is achieved upon joining the Select Guest program. Platinum or Black level membership is valid through the end of the following year upon achievement. For instance, if you achieve Platinum level in August 2012, you will maintain this status through December 31, 2013 and will only lose your status should you not achieve the minimum requirement for the respective level in 2013.

It looks like I lost free room night credits. What happened?
Free room night credits are removed if you don’t stay at any Omni Hotel & Resort within a 24-month period. 

You can also call Omni Hotels’ reservations center at 1-888-444-OMNI (6664) where a knowledgeable—and friendly—agent can answer your questions or make changes to your reservation.




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