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Rewards beyond the room

Join the new Omni Select Guest loyalty program to earn rewards for your entire stay including dining, golf and everything in between.

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Enjoy Member-exclusive benefits that enhance your stay each time you visit.

Membership is Complimentary

Join Select Guest to start earning Free Nights fast and unlock Member-exclusive benefits at any of our 50+ destinations. You’ll continue to earn rewards for every night you stay with us. Now, you’ll also earn rewards for every dollar you spend during your stay -- including dining, spa, golf, retail, recreation and more.

Earn free nights fast

Just 100 Omni Credits unlocks a Free Night at any Omni Hotel or Resort. There’s no complicated award chart or redemption formula—just a simple way to reward you for your loyalty. And we’ll waive Resort Service Charges and Destination Fees when you redeem your Free Nights.

Every night you stay at an Omni Hotel or Resort earns you at least 5 Omni Credits, and every $100 of purchases beyond your room, and charged to your room, earns you at least 1 Omni Credit.

Select Guests with Champion or Icon Status earn 10 Omni Credits per night stayed, and Select Guests with Icon Status earn 2 Omni Credits per $100 in additional spend.

Get rewarded for your whole stay

You’ll earn rewards for every night you stay with us, and you’ll earn every time you dine at one of our restaurants, play a round of golf, spend a relaxing day at the spa, or sign just about anything to your room. All of this means a faster path to earning and enjoying Free Nights at any of our 50+ destinations.

Special perks and benefits

Our Member-exclusive benefits include complimentary Wi-Fi, beverages on us, and access to our on-property Loyalty Ambassadors. Our higher-Status Members enjoy free pressing, shoeshines, morning beverage delivery, complimentary room upgrades*, late check-out*, and more.

* Subject to availability

Loyalty ambassadors

All Select Guests have access to our on-property Loyalty Ambassadors, who are available to help you plan your stay and deliver personalized service from beginning to end.

Customized preferences

Enjoy customized room preferences to ensure your room is just right. Choose your preferred location in the building, select from our pillow menu, and let us know ahead of time if you need extra towels or blankets. We offer more than 20 options to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

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