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Summer is just around the corner, which means cookouts, pool days and memorable vacations will be here before you know it. And despite our attempts to extend the fun of the hot months, joyous days fly quickly by. So Omni’s taking this opportunity to offer tips for squeezing the most into those wonderful weeks…here are some recommendations to make this summer your best yet! Savor your summer!

1. Make multiple S’mores at once with the help of a rake (make sure it’s new though). The marshmallows will get toasty while the chocolate gets perfectly gooey.

2. Take it to the next level and build your own fire pit for those long summer nights. *Pro-tip: If you’re not the DIY type, the Omni Bedford Springs Resort has a great S’mores fire pit the whole family can enjoy.

3. Spend a day getting creative with some classic games. Paint your own Twister board in your yard for a fun-filled game night with the family.

4. Freeze Ice Pops upright to guarantee a clean cut and clean scissors every time.

5. Get out and explore what makes your city unique. The Fort Worth Water Gardens is a beautiful and tranquil oasis in the middle of downtown that’s fun to explore day or night. (Omni Fort Worth Hotel)

Photo Credit: CBS
Photo Credit: CBS

6. Bring a fitted sheet with you to the beach. Put your cooler and beach bags at the corners, and you’ll have a great, sand free area to play.

7. Cut ice cream with a knife when serving a large crowd.

8. Pack a summer survival kit for your car. You never know when you’re going to need that back up sunscreen…(10 Things You Might Forget to Bring to the Beach)

9. Freeze Aloe Vera gel in ice trays. It’ll cool you off while it relieves your sensitive sunburn.

10. Cut watermelon into sticks. They’ll be the perfect size for your little ones hands.

11. Summer is a great time to get out and explore your city in a new light. The Ferris Wheel in Atlanta, SkyView Atlanta, is the perfect place to take in all the sights of downtown. *Pro-tip: If you stay at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center you can get a room with a beautiful view of the sun setting behind downtown.

12. Put together a Pool-Ready Basket to keep all your pool necessities in one easy to find place.

13. Use your washing machine as a giant cooler when you’re expecting a large crowd.

14. Cool off this summer with a fun-filled trip to a water park. *Pro-tip: If you’re at Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa, your kids will love playing at Splashtopia while you relax and float down the 425-foot lazy river.


15. Need to chill a bottle quick? Wrap a wet paper towel around it and leave it in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.

16. Keep bugs out of your summer cocktails with a straw and cupcake liner. *Pro-tip: Try your hand at one of these 30 Cocktails With Honey recipes.

17. Put a cupcake liner under drippy popsicles to keep kids hands from getting sticky.

18. Spend the day exploring a park with your little ones. Central Park has a Tisch’s Childrens Zoo, Belvedere Castle’s “Woods and Water Exhibit” and the Central Park Carousel. (Omni Berkshire Place)

19. Make a Washbox next to your back door, so people can rinse off their dirty feet.

20. Hang Water Balloon Pinatas in your yard for a fun way to cool off and play.

Photo Credit: Jamie Kaufmann
Photo Credit: Jamie Kaufmann

21. Freeze coffee and creamer in ice trays so your iced coffee won’t get watered down when they start to melt.

22. Stay happy and hyderated this summer with all natural homemade popsicles. You and your kids can mix and match your favorite fruits and fruit juices for the perfect afternoon snack.

23. Put together a cookout box. Keep paper plates, napkins, plastic utinsile, and anythings else you might need for a summer cookout all in one easy to find place.

24. If you’re serving punch, make a big ice block to keep it cold without watering it down.

25. Use frozen water balloons for a cute, creative way to keep your summer treats cold.

26. Have a movie night under the stars. If you’re staying at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, you and your family can enjoy a Dive in Movie night. Order up some snacks, sit back, and enjoy a fun family movie night under the stars.

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27. If you’re hosting a cookout, use a muffin tin to serve the condiments. They will look great together, and you’ll only have to wash one dish rather than six.

28. When you’re grilling thin vegetables and fruits, skewer them together so they won’t fall apart.

29. Waffle Cone S’mores are this summers hottest treat. Surprise your kids with a toppings station where everyone can pick their favorite topping and make their own unique creation. They’ll love this new twist on a classic summer favorite!

Photo Credit: Jill Chongva
Photo Credit: Jill Chongva

30. You can pre-scoop your ice cream for very large crowds. Scoop the ice cream in a muffin liner on a cookie sheet and leave in your freezer till it’s time to serve.

31. Drop mini marshmallows in the bottom of ice-cream cones to keep them from dripping ice cream everywhere.

32. Freeze CapriSun juice packs for a fun and easy slushy treat.

33. If summer heat is not your thing, visitors to Canadia’s european city of Montreal can explore RÉSO, the world’s largest underground city. (Hotel Omni Mont-Royal)

34. Watching a sunset is one of the most enjoyable ways to end a summer day, but we all know it’s hard to find that perfect place to watch. The Omni Dallas Hotel has incredible views of the downtown skyline, espically as the sun goes down. Their rooftop pool gives you the perfect place to watch the sunset, then turn around and enjoy their iconic and mesmerizing LED lights.

35. Freeze grapes for a great summer snack and the perfect way to keep your white wine cold all summer long.

36. If your little one gets water in their ears, have them blow into a deflated balloon.

37. Find a hot spot to unwind and listen to local musicians.

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