Meet Your Farmers


Fazenda do Lobo is a coffee farm in Sul de Minas, Brazil, home to the country's biggest coffee producing area. Steeped in great tradition, Fazenda do Lobo means "Farm of the Wolf” and was given such a name after Lobo-Guara wolves were found on the land.

The farm was acquired in 1996 and is managed by a couple - Andrea and Marcos. Andrea is a fourth-generation coffee farmer and manages the farm with support of her husband, Marcos, an agronomy engineer. Since the farm acquisition, all 222 acres of coffee have been replanted with high quality, highly-productive coffee trees. This investment was equivalent to starting an entirely new business. It was worth it though – the profits helped put Marcos and Andrea's two sons through college. One son joined the family business upon graduation, bringing new ideas on environmental sustainability to the farm.

By partnering with the Fazenda Do Lobo farm through our FDV suppliers, Stance Coffee completes the supply chain and provides a market for this enterprising family to sell their coffee to, while ensuring the coffee in your cup is ethically sourced.






Good morning! My name is Carlos Manuel Landaverde. My farm is ‘Finca del Cacalhuapa Regalo de Dios’. I acquired it in 2015, the same year I began certifying RFA. The hardest part of being a farmer is the pests, the prices, and finding qualified manual labor.

The best part of being a farmer is improving the soil, the production and the technical assistance we do on the farm. We receive trainings through our exporter, Cadexsa, and I’ve managed to improve the soil through using organic fertilizer (natural ingredients – not USDA Organic).

I want consumers of my coffee to know that my coffee is organic (natural ingredients – not USDA Organic) and excellent. My coffee is processed for export with safety measures in place.






Meet Roberto Salcedo, a professional farmer from the beautiful country of Colombia. Roberto runs his family's coffee farm and has been an active member of his local coffee cooperative for over 20 years. Like many coffee farm owners, Roberto and his family are vulnerable to volatile climate conditions that affect their harvest and lack of transparency, which can lead to farmer pricing distortion. This is why Roberto's cooperative membership is so important; the cooperative assures price transparency on farmers' sales and provides the services and support farmers need to overcome the adversities they face.

Stance Coffee supports the cooperative's transparent practices through its FDV partners fueling critical services and fair, transparent coffee payments to families like the Salcedos.