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Can Omni Hotels predict our next President?

The results throughout the eight-week campaign were neck-and-neck, but ultimately "Red" cocktails sealed the win with 42 percent of the overall "votes." The most heated battle was between the Trump-tini and theTrue Blue Mule, as both averaged over 1,300 "votes." The Independent POTUS Punch was not far behind. Even though our polls are closed, you can still enjoy these unique cocktails at home. Browse below to discover our presidential cocktails and learn how to craft and enjoy them over the next four years.

*This poll is an informal forecast meant for entertainment purposes only.

  Election Cocktails Final Results  

Presidential Ticket

  Vodka Martini  
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  Manhattan Cocktail  
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  Cranberry Vodka  
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  Vodka Cocktail  
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  Blueberry Moscow Mule  
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  Whiskey Cocktail  
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