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Hot stone massage

Give your body a break. Choose a refreshing treatment at Omni Louisville Hotel’s Mokara Spa, a relaxing refuge in the heart of town. Whether you stop in for a 50-minute massage or spend the entire day at our spa, we’ll make it worth your time. Depending on your body’s needs, choose from customizable massages and additional enhancements to boost your daily routine.

Mokara Signature Massage

Discover the restorative powers of massage - this classic Swedish inspired massage, accentuated with long flowing strokes, is designed to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation, and eliminate stress. Included is a choice of one of our aromatherapy blends to enrich the therapeutic benefits: Turquoise Sage (healing and relaxing), Tree of Life (anti-stress and immune boost) or Coconut Kukui (nourishing and repairing). The perfect pairing, this omnipotent combination of massage and aromatherapy encourages both physical and mental wellness. 

Retreat: 50 minutes $130/ 80 minutes $180
Oasis: 50 minutes $145/ 80 minutes $195

Prenatal Bliss Massage

A luxurious treatment designed with the comfort of mother and child in mind. The therapist performs pregnancy safe techniques to help relieve pressure, swelling, and discomfort while a blend of mother-and-baby safe organic oils nourishes the skin and relaxes tired muscles. A special formulation of wheat-germ and rosehip protect the skin and reduce the advancement of stretch marks. Organic tangerine and jasmine oils calm and uplift, helping you enjoy your body and bring you into a state of peaceful contentment.

Retreat: 50 minutes $130 / 80 minutes $180
Oasis: 50 minutes $145/ 80 minutes $195

*For expectant mothers in their second and third trimesters only.

Deep Therapeutic Massage

Created for deeper muscle relaxation, this treatment includes a mixture of deep intensive massage with hot towel compressions to help warm and relax over-exerted bodies. Powerful CO2 extracts of ginger, arnica, frankincense and turmeric penetrate deep into tissues to help ease inflammation and soreness in joints and muscles.

Retreat: 50 minutes $140/ 80 minutes $190
Oasis: 50 minutes $155/ 80 minutes $205

Arnica Sports Massage 

This performance enhancing massage combines potent arnica infused oil and classic combinations of sports stretches, compressions, and deep tissue techniques on specific muscle groups to reduce muscle pain, restore mobility, and encourage proper muscle function. 

Retreat: 50 minutes $140/ 80 minutes $190
Oasis: 50 minutes $155/ 80 minutes $205

“On the Rocks” Massage

Experience a whole new level of bliss with this ancient restorative treatment. Warm polished basalt stones gently slide across your body for a soothing rhythmic massage that releases muscle tension and promotes tissue repair, while warm oil silkens the body. 

Retreat: 75 minutes $195
Oasis: 75 minutes $210

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Himalayan salt stones, formed by 84 essential minerals, are heated to produce a sense of deep relaxation. The stones are massaged over meridians to melt fascia, provide deep muscle release, and to soothe accumulation of stress and tension in the joints. The sea salt moisturizes and plumps the skin while providing an alkaline detox for the body that improves sleep.

Retreat: 50 minutes $145/ 75 minutes $195
Oasis: 50 minutes $160/ 75 minutes $210

Bluegrass CBD Massage

Discover the power of ancient plant medicine with this organic, full spectrum hemp extract, CBD enhanced coconut oil. The potent combination of massage and CBD oil will ease inflammation and soothe tired muscles, while simultaneously inducing a state of peace and tranquility. The formula of hemp, cutting edge youth boosters, and luscious hydrators will leave your skin soft, supple and glowing. Bring the body and mind into harmony and increase overall wellness with this transformative massage.

Retreat: 50 minutes $175/ 80 minutes $225
Oasis: 50 minutes $190/ 80 minutes $240

Couples Ritual

Escape together by candlelight and indulge in an experience that will create memories for you both to treasure. Get swept away in a dual massage with an exotic essential oil blend of floral, citrus and spice notes that will invite harmony and synchronicity, allowing energies to meet and merge. A friend or family member is welcome in lieu of a significant other.

Classic Swedish:
Retreat: 50 minutes $270/ 80 minutes $370
Oasis: 50 minutes $300/ 80 minutes $400

Deep Therapeutic:
Retreat: 50 minutes $290/ 80 minutes $390
Oasis: 50 minutes $320/ 80 minutes $420

Himalayan Salt Stone:
Retreat: 50 minutes $300/ 80 minutes $400
Oasis: 50 minutes $330/ 80 minutes $430

Focused Massage

This treatment is targeted relief at its finest, because the focus is on a specific area of your body that accumulates the most stress and tension. It’s perfect for neck, shoulders, back, legs or feet. 
Retreat: 25 minutes $85
Oasis: 25 minutes $100

LUMINOUS Hair & Scalp Treatment

Ease discomfort from headaches and migraines while promoting healthy hair growth. LUMINOUS, formulated with jojoba and kukui nut oils, adds strength and shine to hair while simultaneously cleansing and soothing the scalp. Scented with organic essential oils of vetiver and ylang ylang to bring the mind peace.

Warm Salt Stone Muscle Melt (back only)

Himalayan salt stones radiate heat deep into the muscles to relieve deep set tension and release while simultaneously moisturizing and plumping the outer skin layer.

Hand & Foot Polish

Enjoy a luxurious polish of bamboo pearls with aloe for a gentle and effective exfoliation. Finish with a lemon leaf & rose hydrating cream to nourish, soothe and soften the skin

Lymphatic Dry Brush

Boost your massage experience with a full body exfoliation. Dry brushing tones the body while cleansing the liver, increase circulation to vital organs, detoxifies the lymphatic system and assists with diminishing the appearance of cellulite. This treatment is followed by a warm oil hydration to replenish the skin. (80min massage enhancement)

CBD Relief Balm
Relive muscle aches and ease tension with this warming cayenne, arnica and CBD enhancement that provides extra care on a focused area.

Theragun Percussive Treatment
Reduce muscle soreness, increase mobility, and achieve recovery more effectively with the Theragun Percussive Treatment. The massage therapist will utilize the Theragun to provide deep muscle treatment to an area of focus. *Available within the Deep Therapeutic or Arnica Sports Massage.

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