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Kentucky Bourbon Trail Official SponsorBourbon has experienced an incredible revitalization in recent years and nowhere is that more apparent than on downtown Louisville's Whiskey Row. Take a stroll along Main Street to discover distilleries from historic brands to energetic upstarts; it's hard to find a shop, restaurant or even a hotel, like our very own, that hasn't been inspired by the bourbon culture. Below you will find some of the top distilleries open for tours and tastings located near us at Omni Louisville Hotel.

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Angel's Envy is the result of one family's appreciation and desire make a new contribution to Louisville's bourbon heritage. It is a "Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Port Barrels" created by legendary Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson along with his son and grandson, Wes and Kyle. The "Angel's Share" is the name given to the 5% of spirit lost each year during barrel aging, and Angel's Envy was born when Lincoln tasted his finished product and joked that he'd finally gotten a better deal than the angels. 

Take a tour of the Angel's Envy downtown distillery near our Louisville hotel to experience the history of the brand and the distillation process from beginning to barreled to bottled...along with a tasting of course.

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Evan Williams Bourbon traces its history back to 1783 when the brand's namesake set up his first distillery on the Ohio River bank. Williams emigrated from Wales as a young boy to eventually settle in corn-rich Kentucky where he became an entrepreneur and politician. With access to an abundance of crop, he also pursued his passion for whiskey, refined his craft and became a master distiller. To this day, a marker stands at the Ohio River officially declaring Evan Williams as Kentucky's First Commercial Distiller.

Enjoy the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience at the artisanal distillery located on downtown Louisville's Whiskey Row. Discover how the historic bourbon is made, taste it for yourself and even learn why chocolate and whiskey are the perfect couple.



The German Boehm family first stepped foot in America in 1740 and settled in Kentucky to farm corn. With so much extra produce, Jacob Beam began to make whiskey and sold his first barrel called "Old Jake Beam Sour Mash" in 1795. Jacob's son and grandson would go on to make "Old Tub," the family distillery, a nationally recognized brand. It wasn't until 1894 that Colonel James S. Beam took over the family business before production stopped as Prohibition began in 1920. When Prohibition ended 13 years later, bourbon was back in business and the brand name was changed to Jim Beam. Under the direction of Beam's great-grandson, Frederick Booker Noe III, Jim Beam has stayed true to its roots while converting fans with new flavors and techniques.

Enjoy a tour of the Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse, including a working distillery, bottling line, tasting experience and a bottle your own bourbon experience.

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Kentucky Peerless Distilling knows no equal. The distiller started producing in the early 1880s and flourished under the direction of an entrepreneur named Henry Kraver. The brand continued to grow until Prohibition in the 1920s; however, it survived as one of the few whiskey products available by prescription for medicinal use. Peerless Distilling is now experiencing new life under the leadership of the fourth and fifth generations of the family, Corky and Carson Taylor.

The downtown Louisville distillery mills, cooks, ferments, double-distills and barrels its bourbon and rye whiskey all under the same roof as their predecessors. Visit Kentucky Peerless Distilling to experience a truly authentic and family-inspired distillery. 



You will be hard-pressed to find a more modern bourbon than Rabbit Hole. Kaveh Zamanian was inspired by the essence of Louisville to become part of the upstart bourbon culture. Many believe bourbon is a spirit best sipped on its own, but Rabbit Hole has a different vision. Rabbit Hole is a whiskey for everyone that can be enjoyed when paired with fresh ingredients and other spirits and flavors. That's why Zamanian and his partners are bringing a modern distillery, restaurant and bar to the NuLu neighborhood in May 2018.

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The story of the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey goes back to the mid-1800s when Augustus Bulleit first made his signature high-rye whiskey. His great-great-grandson, Tom Bulleit, was inspired by this recipe to found the Bulleit Distilling Company and renovate and reopen the historic Stitzel-Weller Distillery, which was originally opened on Derby Day in 1935.

Visit the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience at Stitzel-Weller for a history-filled tour and tasting of the high-rye, award-winning whiskeys.

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