Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about our events rewards program

General Information

Select Planner is a program that allows Select Guest members to earn Free Nights and Tier Status faster when they book qualifying group blocks and events with Omni.

You should use the currency for the country in which the property is located.
At this time the Select Planner program is only for bookings at Omni locations in United States and Canada.
In order to qualify, you must be working with our sales team and your booking must be a minimum total of $2,500 USD which can be made up of Room nights booked, Catering Services and Resource Rental (meeting space, decorations, etc.). You also must be enrolled in Select Guest before completing the booking process so you can include your member number in the agreement.

Make sure you are already a Select Guest® member and then contact our sales office to discuss your event needs or submit a request for proposal.

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Our program is based on the contracted amount and that is how we determine the rewards earned. Individuals staying may pay for their rooms, activities and other incidentals individually. In fact, if they are a member of Select Guest, they will earn Award and Tier credit for their stay during the event. Even the planner can earn during the event as long as they are staying under the qualified group rate.

Earnings escalate with tier status. We have earning caps in place that allow our higher tier level members to earn more for their booking. The earning limits are determined based on your Tier Level at the time of contract signing. For example, Gold Level members may earn up to 2 Free Nights (40 Award Credits) and up to 8 Tier Credits per event contracted while a Platinum Level member may earn up to 3 Free Nights (60 Award Credits) and up to 10 Tier Credits per event contracted. Black Level members have the highest earning potential per event at 4 Free Nights (80 Award Credits) and 12 Tier Credits. Try our Select Planner Calculator to estimate the earning potential for your next booking.

Members that book 2 or more events at one time will be eligible for our multi-booking bonus. This means that you could earn up to 75% bonus Award and Tier Credits per booking. There are three bonus levels that start at $100,000 USD combined spend for 2 or more qualified bookings and earning a 25% bonus. The second level is for a combined spend of $500,000 USD, earning a 50% bonus. The top bonus opportunity is for a combined spend of $1,000,000 USD, earning a 75% bonus on Award and Tier credits per event.

Award Credits, Tier Credits & Free Nights

Yes, your Select Guest account receives Award and Tier Credits for the nights you stay along with the credits earned in the Select Planner program. For example: If you are a new Gold Level member, book an $80,000 event with Omni and then stay 3 nights during that event; you would earn 2 free nights with 3 Award Credits remaining in your account and 11 Tier credits qualifying you for Platinum Level status through the following of the next calendar year.

Credits earned for stays are awarded within 10 days of completing a stay. Credits earned through Select Planner are awarded within 30 days of completing the contract with our sales team, regardless of when the event takes place.

We want you to enjoy the perks of the program as soon as possible. That is why we decided to issue credits after the contract is completed. As long as the appropriate cancellation and attrition clauses are included in the contract, we will issue 100% of the credits earned. If we accept the removal of this clause, we can only issue 50% of the credits earned. Your sales representative will be able to explain this in greater detail and let you know how much credit to expect.

No, the contracted amount and cancellation/attrition clause determine the awarded credits issued. We’d prefer to offer the rewards up-front instead of waiting until the business actualizes. For this reason, the Select Planner program does not allow “true-ups” or contract amendments to increase or decrease the amount of credit earned, once credit has been issued for the booking.
We will attempt to notify you via email when credits are applied to your account for Select Planner. You can also log into your account at any time to see your detailed account summary.
At this time, we are only allowing one account to earn per contract. We will consider this as a program enhancement for a later date.
Yes, as long as their reservation is a qualified rate and their Select Guest number is on the room reservation.
You may choose to pass the rewards on to your client. Simply collect their Select Guest number and include it on the agreement. They will receive the rewards.

At this time we are offering one reward per booking.
Select Planner was launched for individuals, however we do plan to incorporate an organizational component in the near future.