Best Rate Guarantee

Go ahead. Shop around. We guarantee you the best price.

We guarantee that you'll find the best available rates right here.

Here's what you need to know: 

  1. Book a room on
  2. Feel free to shop around for a better rate on any other public website, subject to the Terms and Conditions below.
  3. If you find and book a better rate for the same room type on another website, we will match the lower rate AND take 20% off your room rate for your entire stay!

Simply read through the Terms & Conditions below, and then fill out the Best Rate Guarantee Form to start the process. If you have any questions, please call us at 800-809-6664 or email We will respond to you within two business days.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Best Rate Guarantee applies only to reservations booked on our branded website ( compared with other public websites. The Best Rate Guarantee must be verifiable by Omni Hotels & Resorts. The guarantee does not apply to reservations or pricing directly made at the hotel, the Omni call center or the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs).
  2. “Public” websites refer to any consumer, non-wholesale websites that offer transparent pricing to the guest and that are available for general booking. Opaque website reservations and auction website reservations do not qualify for the Omni Best Rate Guarantee. Opaque websites are those websites that are not open to the public, require an account to be set up prior to booking, and/or do not transparently show the hotel brand or the hotel name where the reservation is being made until after the reservation is completed. Examples of these opaque websites include, but are not limited to,,,, Groupon, LivingSocial, etc.
  3. The following rates do not qualify for the Omni Best Rate Guarantee:
    1. Rates that are listed on wholesale sites or opaque sites such as described in #2 above.
    2. Rates that are not publicly listed and/or available to the general public, such as corporate rates, ESP rates, group rates, convention rates, or other special negotiated or contracted rates.
    3. Rates that include shoulder dates (pre and post stay dates) to a group or convention rate.
    4. Discount rates offered to special interest groups or persons who meet previously agreed upon criteria, including but not limited to, AAA members, Senior Citizens (Leisure 55), Government employees, or special Select Guest loyalty members.
    5. Package or promotion rates that include room and any other add-on component such as meals; special amenity; services such as spa, golf, or other; entertainment; event or activities tickets; etc.
    6. Package or promotion rates that are turn-key and include hotel accommodations, airfare and/or car rental components.
    7. Any rate booked in any currency other than U.S. dollars. The Alternative reservation booked on the non-Omni website must be booked and confirmed in U.S. dollars only. Other currency bookings do not qualify.
    8. Rates that are booked less than 72 hours prior to the guest’s arrival at the hotel.
    9. Rates that are discounted by a public website by way of a coupon or reward credits or by way of a wholesale site.
  4. Your original reservation must have been booked on only. Reservation must have been booked 72 hours or more prior to arrival at the hotel. Reservations booked for arrivals less than 72 hours do not qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee.
  5. You must confirm the lower-priced reservation on the non-Omni website within 24 hours of making your booking on A printed confirmation of your new reservation must accompany your claim form to receive the Omni Best Rate Guarantee. Reservations made on other websites more than 24 hours after booking on do not qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee.
  6. The lower-priced reservation must be for the exact same stay details as your reservation. The new reservation must be for the same, but not limited to, hotel, arrival date, departure date, room type, rate type, number of guests, deposit type, and payment type.
  7. The lower priced reservation will be evaluated on room rate only, exclusive of taxes, resort fees, general fees, gratuities, or any other fees associated with the room rate. The rate must be verifiable.
  8. Omni Hotels & Resorts is not responsible for cancelling your Alternate reservation or any processing fees, cancellation fees, or deposit refunds associated with cancelling the reservation. Disposition and charges, if any, of the lower-priced reservation booked on the non-Omni website is the sole and complete responsibility of the guest who made the reservation.
  9.  Only one claim form will be accepted for review for each stay. For purposes of the Omni Best Rate Guarantee only, a stay is defined as the total number of consecutive nights stayed at the same hotel by the same guest(s) under a single reservation that is associated with one confirmation number.

Enjoy your stay with Omni Hotels & Resorts.