Flavor Origins

Which Cocktail is Right for You?

Omni Flavor Origins is our new menu concept that groups cocktails according to their flavor profiles. Fruit, Earth, and Botanical are all represented, and the styles of cocktails move from light & refreshing to strong & aromatic and from comforting to adventurous. Whether you are looking for something new or familiar, our aim is that your cocktail discovery is fulfilling and fun, all in one.


Experience a modern take on fruity cocktail classics.

Flavor Profiles: Vine, Orchard, Citrus, Palm

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Branch out and try a cocktail that infuses botanical elements for a refreshing and complex flavor.

Flavor Profiles: Floral, Herbal, Spice, Mineral

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Enjoy cocktails made from fresh ingredients drawn from the Earth.

Flavor Profiles: Wood, Smoke, Vegetal

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Culinary Favorites

at Omni Hotels & Resorts


Boston Cream Pie

Indulge in a culinary favorite—the original Boston Cream Pie created at Omni Parker House.

Say Goodnight to Hunger

When you book your stay, we will contribute one meal per actualized reservation.

Rib Room seating at Royal Orleans

Rib Room - New Orleans

Located on the most fashionable corner of the French Quarter, the Rib Room has been a local favorite for over 50 years.