San Francisco Hotel entrance

Poised for strategic expansion, Omni is an innovative luxury hotel brand with a distinctive portfolio. Shaped by a unique business model, strong philosophical foundation, comprehensive infrastructure and talented leadership, Omni delivers exceptional performance and award-winning personalized service for every guest.

Flexible Growth Strategies

Hotel Manager

Omni can serve as your management company, operating your asset to deliver the ideal guest experience and optimal financial performance for the stakeholder.

Future Developer

Omni can serve as a technical consultant, expansion consultant and developer on private and public hotel projects. Our services maximize return on investment during the entire life cycle of the asset.

Financial Partner

Omni actively seeks opportunistic investments and can participate in projects alongside both public and private entities with investments throughout positions in the capital stack.

Bedford Springs Resort exterior during the day

Hotel Owner

Omni’s ownership business model enables us to manage with an owner’s mindset. Our approach as owner, manager and brand creates a seamless and efficient environment with a focus on both the top- and bottom-line performance.