Omni Bedford Springs Resort
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Omni Bedford Springs Resort Group Activities

The activities below require a minimum of 10 people. Other activities can also be done for groups, depending upon the number of guests.


Our team building games are designed as metaphors for business issues. Because these games are designed to truly challenge team members, teams may not always be successful the first time they attempt the activity. In the real working world, teams must overcome many challenges, also. They will need to determine “where they are” in the plan and “where they want be.” Nothing is more satisfying than the “group grin” that always appears when they achieve the team goal! Our facilitators will have a debriefing following each activity to help the team apply the outcomes to the workplace. Activities include:

  • Spider’s Web
  • Group Juggling 
  • Nuclear Waste 
  • Corporate Merger 
  • Managing the Octopus 
  • Pipeline 
  • Alligator Crossing 
  • Shaping the Organization 
  • Take One 
  • Trolleys 
  • Blindfolded Maze 
  • Raft Building 
  • Team Blowgun 
  • Supporting the Leader

Other customized programs that will meet your specific time requirements are available upon request.


  • $85 per person
  • 2 – 3 hours 


Participants will be divided into teams. Each team will then be given race directions and at our go they will take off to open their first clue. Teams will race crisscrossing the property to find clues that will have them facing challenges that may include solving puzzles, taking photos, collecting needed items or Geocaching to find the next clue. This can be done on foot exclusively on the property or in cars driving through the local area. This activity will require teams to access the skill and talent of each team member – leaders will emerge and communication is a must. They will need to develop a strategy in order to win this Amazing Race.


  • $90 per person
  • 1.5 hours – 3 hours 


For teams looking for a high-tech adventure team building challenge, this is the ultimate treasure hunt. Team members will learn the basics of using a handheld GPS unit, get their coordinates and head out. This can be done around the resort on foot or expanded so that teams will drive through the Bedford area while searching for their caches. If teams are looking to build valuable skills that every business can use, this is the perfect activity. Leadership, decision making and planning are all part of this unique adventure.


  • $90 per person
  • 1.5 hours


Groups can be divided into teams and then move through a challenging series of activities that reflect opportunities available at the resort.


  • $75 per person (Minimum of 10 people)
  • 2 hours


The group will be divided into tribes. Each tribe will come up with a name and create a flag. Next, they will face a series of challenges that could include a scavenger hunt, a cycle time puzzle, the spider’s web, mastermind challenges and much, much, more. Planners may chose three to four of the above activities depending upon the time allotted for the event. Other activity choices are available upon request. Tribes will come together at the conclusion of the event at the campfire area to hold a “Tribal Council” where the strength of each tribe will be highlighted and a winning tribe will be named.


  • $90 per person (Minimum of 10 people)
  • 2 – 3 hours


This is the perfect way to get a group back in tune with one another. The guides will blindfold participants, place a safety rope in their right hand and have them place their left hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them. From here, we will hike out onto the trail. The focus of the hike will be on “tuning back in” and developing a “vision” in the workplace. Participants will explore night vision and experience an increased sensory awareness.


  • $30 per person 
  • 1 hour


Not only will teams have to solve riddles and rhymes to find their clues, they will also need to find someone to take their picture at several locations along the way. Acquiring this combination of collected items and team photos keep teams moving throughout this event.


  • $35 per person
  • 1.5 hours


Looking for a fun, light-hearted evening? Groups will laugh the night away with their own version of a night at the Improv. Two comedians will take the stage for this 60 – 90 minute laugh-filled event.


  • From $1,400


The professional cast of four to five actors will weave a web of intrigue and suspense as they perform an interactive whodunit mystery for your guests. The story begins during cocktails or at the start of dinner and unfolds through courses in two to three scenes. Guests are immersed in the show and have the opportunity to ask questions about the murder throughout the event, then at the conclusion of the affair, choose who they think committed the crime. 


  • From $2,500


A casino-themed party is a fun way to spend an evening. The growth of popularity of poker, especially Texas Hold-Em, has made casino night a really popular party theme and spectacular corporate event! So roll the dice and have an evening of glitz and glamour with the excitement of gambling. Everyone will have a great time. Price includes all gaming equipment, raffle tickets and dealers. Groups will need to supply the prizes for after gaming.


  • 5 table games – $1,700
  • 8 table games – $2,500
  • 10 table games – $3,200
  • 12 table games – $3,600
  • 15 table games –- $4,800 


If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we will happily customize a team building event that will suit the needs of your individual group! 


  • A 20 percent activity coordination service charge will be added to groups of five or more. 
  • Prices do not include a gratuity. 
  • Cancellations within 48 hours will be assessed 50 percent of the confirmed price. 
  • Failure to show up for an event on the day it is scheduled will result in a 100 percent charge.

Rates subject to change.

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