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Palm Springs Spa Body Treatments

Woman receiving a massage.

Massage Therapies 

Our unique massage therapies are designed with your wellness in mind. Our desert inspired services incorporate the healing benefits of the indigenous plants while skilled therapists focus on areas of concern. Leave feeling completely grounded, rested and relaxed.

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Intuitive Massage 
60 minutes | 75 minutes
The Intuitive massage is made “Just for You”. You and your therapist will design the best massage that you require. Your therapist may use any massage modalities during this treatment and can incorporate Hot Stones, CBD, Yogi Pain Bals to enhance your experience.

Life Force Massage
60 minutes | 75 minutes
This Signature Treatment integrates healing modalities to restore the harmonious flow of life within that combines a firm nurturing massage with the benefit of specific bodywork techniques. The goal of each treatment is to balance the flow of Chi and energize the meridians.

By removing tension associated with discomfort in specific parts of the body, and to assist with any energy that is not moving and causing the systems of the body to stagnate, lose flow, and rhythm. The focus is to nurture the life-giving systems of the body, release tension, energize the senses, increase vitality, and restore overall wellbeing.

CBD Massage
60 minutes | 75 minutes
A relaxing experience for your body. CBD oil and Pain Relief Balms are used to help relieve stress and to soothe tired muscles. Our massage uses rhythmic strokes with light relaxation pressure.

60 minutes | 75 minutes
This is the perfect massage to combat and relieve stress, promote relaxation, and enhance circulation. Our Swedish massage uses long, luxurious rhythmic strokes with light to medium relaxation pressure.

Deep Tissue
60 minutes | 75 minutes
Using firm pressure and therapeutic massage techniques, this therapeutic massage targets deeper layers of muscle tissue. It releases tightened muscles, making them more pliable, while reducing stress and tension.

Couples Massage
60 minutes | 75 minutes
Enjoy your choice of massages in our treatment rooms created specifically for two. Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue or CBD massages as your combinations.

Prenatal Massage
60 minutes | 75 minutes
Designed for the mom-to-be in her second or third trimester, this custom pregnancy massage addresses the body’s needs and changes that may cause stress and discomfort. Our prenatal massage is a restorative treat that helps alleviate muscle tension and fatigue during pregnancy. 

Massage Enhancements

Scalp Massage | 15 minutes

Foot Massage | 15 minutes

CBD Pain Relieving Oil | Add On

Yogi Balm Aromatherapy | Add On

Spa Rituals

Las Palmas Experience
4 Hours
60 minutes Sugar Body Scrub
60 minutes Intuitive Massage
60 minutes Treatment Facial
60 minutes Classic Pedicure

Life-Force Wellness
2 Hours
60 minutes Life-Force Massage
60 minutes Chi Energy Balance Facial

Elemental Scent Ritual
105 Minutes 

Your Elemental Scent Ritual consists of:

A full body combination body exfoliation.
Full body Cocoon Nourish Wrap with Nourishing Scalp therapy
Neck, shoulder & back massage, incorporating the scent you have chosen. 

*An automatic 20% service charge will be added based on the full value of the service(s) at the checkout.

Body Treatments

Salt Scrub | 60 minutes
Enjoy a sensorial experience of warm body exfoliation. A blend of pure honey and salt is used to exfoliate dull skin back to its natural radiance. Nourishing coconut oil is applied to delicately hydrate parched skin.

Sugar Scrub | 60 minutes
Combat the visible effects of skin aging and restore the appearance of a younger, more toned body with this super-fruit scrub. Using raw cane sugar scrub, the skin texture is smoothed and infused with antioxidant vitamin C. The scrub finishes with a botanical blend of guava oil to tighten and tone the skin.

Desert Cactus Wrap | 75 minutes
A stimulating experience designed to detoxify the body and firm the appearance of your skin. The body is gently stimulated and exfoliated using a dry body brush then cocooned in a cactus toning serum that flushes out toxins and excess water. Afterwards, the skin is gently hydrated with an antioxidant-rich agave nectar oil.

Detoxifying Desert Mud Wrap | 75 minutes
This wrap is designed to release toxins from the body and firm the appearance of your skin. The body is gently stimulated and exfoliated using a dry body brush then wrapped in an active mud treatment designed to flush out toxins, excess water and clear the skin. Boosts and stimulates the Immune System. Finally, the skin is gently nourished with a body oil.

Elemental Scent Ritual | 105 Minutes
The Human Body is in harmony and balance with the natural elements. Air, Fire, Earth & Water. These Elements all influence the body, mind & spirit. To better heal and balance the body, our senses are drawn to specific smells that we require for them to benefit us. Your Journey will start off selecting your Elemental Scent. “Air, Fire, Earth or Water”. Using your selected scent your therapist will then use this scent throughout your Elemental Szent Ritual.

Your Elemental Scent Ritual consists of: A Full Body combination body exfoliation. Full Body Cocoon Nourish Wrap with Nourishing Scalp Therapy & a Neck, Shoulder & Back massage, incorporating the scent you have chosen.

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