Omni Las Colinas Hotel
221 East Las Colinas Boulevard
Dallas (Irving), Texas 75039

Las Colinas Facial Treatments


Our 30-minute Glo facial includes a professional deep cleanse, double exfoliation, and personalized serum infusion. Each facial finishes with a deeply nourishing vitamin and oxygen boost.

30 minutes | $100

Designed specifically with your skin’s needs in mind, this multifaceted facial is completely customized every step of the way. Following a thorough skin analysis, one of our expert estheticians will create the perfect treatment just for you, incorporating deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage and a nutrient-rich mask.

50 minutes | $160

Using only the highest quality award winning skin care to deliver beautiful results naturally. Let one of our highly trained therapists pamper and heal your skin with the scrumptious gifts of Mother Nature. Skin is refreshed and balanced all while remaining free of parabens and harsh chemicals.

50 minutes | $180

An original concept in the treatment of oily, problematic or blemished skin. Concentrated formulas featuring Glycolic and Salicylic Acids, offering multi-benefits to reduce oil, absorb impurities, exfoliate, soothe and balance the skin.  The result is a radiant, clear complexion.

50 minutes | $160

Enjoy healthy and clear skin on your back, with this refreshing treatment that deep-cleanses and detoxifies.  The combination of all active ingredients works to minimize pores and clear any imperfections. After just one treatment, the skin will look radiant, with a luminous appearance and extra-smooth texture.

30 minutes | $80

You deserve to look your best, and an Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial can help you achieve it! Our powerful facial treatment is designed to reduce wrinkles, smooth lines, firm the skin and give it a healthy glow. The perfect combination of peptides, antioxidants, collagen and hyaluronic filling agents work together to deliver a truly transformative experience. Get ready to reveal your youthful beauty with the Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial!

80 minutes | $250

Get ready to look your best with our Men's Executive Facial! This advanced facial treatment is designed to clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. You'll feel relaxed and refreshed with this powerful pampering session that leaves your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. Our team of facialists will tailor the experience to meet your exact needs and leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the day!

50 minutes | $160

Defy the signs of aging with Men’s Anti - Aging Facial. This power-packed treatment deeply nourishes and hydrates, while targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. With active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, this facial will leave you with smooth, firm skin and a youthful glow. Unlock the secret to looking younger and feeling great.

50 minutes | $180

Facial Enhancements

Anti-Aging Eye - $35
Eye treatment mask with high-quality Hyaluronic Acid and Plant Based Collagen.

Lip Trio Treatment - $35
Indulge in a three-step lip treatment. Exfoliate, plump and hydrate.

Peel - $50

Micro By Area - $50

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