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THE HEART OF MASSAGE - 50/80 Minutes
Experience a truly customized massage created for you by you. This treatment focuses on areas of concern to accomplish treatment objectives, utilizing light to firm pressure and various massage techniques. Additional massage enhancements and extensions are available to further exceed your treatment goals.

CBD BODY WELLNESS – 50/80 minutes
Induce deep relaxation through this popular CBD massage, enhanced with a Himalayan Salt Stone used on the back for added therapeutic well-being. Specifically formulated to reduce inflammation, CBD can provide wellness benefits to arthritis, strains, muscle soreness and nerve inflammation.

Active Life – 80 Minutes
Support physical movement and tired muscles with gentle stretching, warm compresses and focused work. Relief for sports enthusiast and everyday active life.

Reflexology – 50 Minutes
Hands and Feet. This age-old technique uses gentle pressure on designated points on hands and feet, allowing relaxation and opening energy pathways.

Warm River Stone – 75 Minutes
Soothing warm stones assist in easing muscle tension. Gain a sense of well-being and increased flexibility through the intuitive use of warm stones and a soothing blend of essential oils.

Mother-To-Be Massage – 50 Minutes/80 Minutes
A perfectly relaxing Swedish massage, designed specifically for our Moms-to-be, targeting areas of stress and discomfort. This service is best suited for Moms-to-be in their second and third trimester.

Together - 75 Minutes
Create memories with someone you care about and enjoy ultimate relaxation. Both services are individually customized and are provided in the comfort of our Together Suite.

Massage Experience Additions

Extend any service to further realize your ideal treatment.
Dry Brush Exfoliation: Promotes healthy lymphatic flow and efficient skin elimination
Reflexology: Foot-work that relaxes and opens energy pathways.
Dry Mud Massage: Revitalize with thermogenic mud composed of marine algae, arnica and peppermint. Melts away during your massage, leaving skin soft and smooth


Balance: A warming herbal massage of ginger root oil, Mighty Mint Rescue cream, warm towels and eucalyptus inhalations to ground the mind, ease muscle tension and promote internal balance.
Rest: Alchemic tincture drop along the spine join massage techniques to support the nervous system. Relaxation happens naturally as lavender oils, warm towels and long connective strokes ease all over fatigue and discover a new sense of calm.
Renew: Energize and encourage muscle release, flexibility and relief. Warm compresses join a homeopathic formulation of Arnica Oil and Gel to revive and support cellular rejuvenation. Feel the difference.

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