Omni Viking Lakes Hotel - Opening 10/1
2611 Nordic Way
Eagan, Minnesota 55121

Relax at Idlewild Spa

The Nordic spa experience is an ancestral ritual, originating in Finland, with emphasis on thermotherapy. For increased relaxation and an improved state of total well-being at Idlewild Spa, you will be encouraged to cycle between hot treatments, like the steam room or sauna, and cold treatments, like the invigorating ice fountain or deluge shower. Through this alternating process, you will see benefits including detoxification, muscle relaxation and boosted circulation.
For ultimate relaxation, the spa will offer multiple relaxation spaces including a cozy indoor lounge with a fireplace; an exterior lounge equipped with a hot tub, lounge seating and fire pits; and a salt relaxation room that acts as a soothing sanctuary with backlit, salt-lined walls where you can absorb the healing properties of Himalayan Salt.
Among several spa offerings, guests can expect to experience unique treatments that embody the Nordic spirit shown throughout the hotel, but feature regional products, indigenous tools and time-held healing techniques.