Boston Wedding Details

Important information to help make your wedding picture-perfect

Courtesy of ©Stephen Whiting Photography 

In Boston, historic Omni Parker House is the perfect location for your dream wedding. As you pass through the doors of this luxurious hotel, you are instantly embraced by the historic charm and timeless beauty. Our beautiful settings and impeccable service will make it clear why Omni Parker House has been one of the most sought-after Boston wedding locations since 1855.

Our enchanting ambiance will make your guests feel as though they are part of a bygone era. Our rooftop ballroom, the only one in the city, occupies the entire 15th floor and can accommodate up to 250 guests. Our elegant Alcott Ballroom is located on the Mezzanine level, features a dance floor, and is a perfect setting for up to 130 guests.

The staff of Omni Parker House is at your service to ensure that your wedding events are flawless. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please contact our special event coordinator at (617) 227-8600 or fill out our wedding RFP.


Please inquire about the different ceremony location options here at the hotel. The hotel will assist in determining if sound equipment is required for your ceremony. If so, additional fees apply.

Additional Events

We will be happy to decrease our menu prices by 10% for any other wedding-related events booked in addition to your wedding reception.


At Omni Parker House, we want to tailor your wedding to your specific wishes. In addition to assistance with planning your wedding, reception, rehearsal and brunches, we would like to provide guest room accommodations for you and your guests. Please speak with your wedding specialist for details on our guest rooms.











Entertainment, Lighting and Audio/Visual

It is your responsibility to discuss with your vendors and inform Omni Parker House of any special electrical requirements for your band, DJ or entertainment of any kind. Electrical fees may be applicable for special power requirements. Encore Event Technologies is our full-service audio/visual company located right here in the hotel. Please contact Encore Event Technologies directly at (617) 725-1622 for any specialty lighting or audio visual needs.


Although your wedding specialist will make suggestions for vendors, we do allow you to hire vendors of your choice. Information will be provided to you for your vendors 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. It is crucial that you forward this information to all of your vendors to ensure the success of your wedding.


All weddings are prepaid. When you sign the wedding contract, a $5,000 payment is required. Nine months prior to the wedding, 50 percent of your required minimum expenditure is due. Three months prior to the wedding, 75 percent of your required minimum expenditure is due. All four of these payments may be made on a credit card or by personal check. The final payment is due in full seven days prior to the wedding in the form of a certified check. No exceptions to final payment.


Boston's fire safety codes restrict the use of open-flame candles without the supervision of a Fire Detail. Your wedding specialist at the Omni Parker House would be pleased to provide the costs involved and to coordinate with the Boston Fire Department on your behalf. 

Coat Check

Upon request, the Omni Parker House is happy to provide a coat check with a private attendant for the convenience of your guests for a nominal fee.


Valet parking and hosted parking with a local garage are both excellent options for you and your guests. Please inquire with your wedding specialist at Omni Parker House for up-to-date parking options and fees.