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Denver Massage & Body Treatments

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Get ready to begin your journey to a rejuvenated body and spirit with a Mokara Spa massage. Whether you're experiencing everyday stress, are an athlete-in-training or a mother-to-be, Mokara Spa will help you feel invigorated and refreshed. Let one of our expert therapists help you achieve the ultimate in restoration and relaxation.

All Massage Treatments can be provided as a couples massage; based on availability.

Mokara Signature Massage
Our Signature massage helps to re-energize, detoxify and simply relax the body and mind as a whole. Long, smooth, flowing movements from light to medium pressure are used to decrease stress tension, increase lymph circulation and increase blood flow. Our Signature massage includes your choice of our ZENTS specialty oils that leave your skin hydrated and refreshed.

50 Minutes | $145.00
100 Minutes | $265.00

Aromatherapy Massage
An ancient healing art dating back to 4500 BC. Choose from one of our specialty blends of aromatherapy oils to personalize your massage experience. The combination of healing oils and massage will encourage deep relaxation and release tension stored in the body.

50 minutes | $160.00
100 Minutes | $280.00

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
Our Deep Tissue massage targets dysfunction in muscle tissue. This helps reduce muscle tension and chronic pain, as well as increase mobility. Various massage styles are incorporated (as each therapists work is individual) and directed toward the deeper tissue structures of muscles. Deeper pressure is applied to areas of focus. Our Deep Tissue massage is best combined with a Pain Relief or CBD enhancement.

50 minutes | $155.00
100 Minutes | $275.00

ANTARA Organics CBD Massage
Antara, which means balance, brings harmony to the body and the mind. This CBD and arnica enhanced service cares for tired muscles, soothes skin and re-boots the mind. This massage incorporates ZENTS organic line of CBD oil that is locally grown in the Boulder Valley.

50 minutes | $185.00
100 minutes | $305.00 

ANTARA CBD Organic Body Scrub/Massage Experience
An invigorating silky smooth full-body scrub that combines the benefits of the highest quality organic cold-pressed CBD balm and sugar to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Organic broad-spectrum CBD increases circulation, calms inflammation and maximizes overall relaxation. This treatment finishes with a CBD massage session to continue relaxing your mind and body while easing aches and pains associated with stress and tight muscles.

100 minutes | $325

Hiker’s Reflexology Massage
A relaxing massage based on ancient Eastern healing techniques. Acupressure massage concentrates on the pressure points in your feet, which correspond to various organs and systems of the body. Using thumb pressure, these points are stimulated to promote healthy organs via the body’s energetic pathways. A must for sore, and fatigued feet. Includes 25 minutes of Foot Reflexology and 25 minutes of massage.

50 minutes | $160.00

Mother-To-Be Massage
Prenatal massage therapy focused on the needs of the mother-to-be. Safe pregnancy techniques specifically adapted to each stage of pregnancy help alleviate fatigue, soothe muscle and joint pain, and improve circulation.
*This massage is offered in the last two trimesters only

50 minutes | $155.00

*For your convenience, a 22% service charge will be added to the original cost of each treatment you receive. The service charge will be distributed to the staff that assisted you during your visit. Additional gratuities may be provided at your discretion.

Massage Enhancements

Enrich your treatment experience with an added boost to any 50 or 100 minute massage. 
(not available as standalone treatments) 

Invigorating Foot Scrub - $10
Pain Relief - $10
Hydrating Treatment - $10
CBD Spot Treatment - $15
Aromatherapy - $15
Antara CBD Massage - $40

Guest Favorites

at Omni Interlocken Hotel

Scenic Championship Golf

Designed by David Graham, 1981 U.S. Open Champion and PGA Senior Tour player, the Omni Interlocken Golf Course was ranked third in the “Best Resort Courses in Colorado” survey.

Meritage Restaurant

Meritage Restaurant

Savor exquisitely prepared local fare and half price wine every Wednesday.

Omni Interlocken Red Rocks

Red Rocks Ampitheater

Red Rocks amphitheater, a must-visit, hosts summer movies and fitness classes in addition to concerts set against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.