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Warm Springs

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Local legends say that Native Americans journeying through the valley discovered these magnificent crystal springs hundreds of years ago, and archaeological evidence seems to confirm that this area has been used by humans for at least 9,000 years.

The first recorded survey of the area was done by Thomas and Andrew Lewis. Thomas Lewis and his son obtained 140 acres of the land, including the warm springs. Andrew Lewis was an early partner of Thomas Bullitt, who procured 300 acres including the hot springs and built the first hotel in 1766 on the site of The Omni Homestead Resort.

The original octagonal stone basin that held the water for bathing was built in 1761, establishing it as the first spa structure in America. Originally known as the Warm Springs Bath or the Great Bath, it was not covered by a bathhouse until the mid-1820s, at which point it was covered by a new octagonal frame building. A second structure, the Ladies’ Bathhouse, was built in the mid-1870s. The twenty-two-sided central portion stands on a circular stone wall that encloses the spring and pool. The top plate carries a faceted roof in which common rafters rise to support a central frame surrounding an oculus. 


The United States Geological Survey has determined that these springs have a remarkably uniform rate of flow and temperature. Unaffected by changes of the seasons, the waters remain at a natural body temperature all year and flow at the astounding rate of 1,700,000 gallons per day. The waters have an unusually high level of mineral content and are so crystal clear a book can easily be read through them.

The bathhouses will be open Wednesday - Sunday from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. beginning Saturday, December 17. Reservations are required and may be made by calling 540-839-3860.

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