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Fitness Center In Hot Springs, Va

Keep up with your workout regimen in our fitness facility
Fitness center at Homestead Resort

Learn how to feel your best every day. At The Omni Homestead Resort, you will find a depth of wellness opportunities to build and practice healthy habits for life, including world-class fitness facilities.

We offer the following classes:

This is an enjoyable zero impact toning and cardio workout that can be modified to accommodate any fitness level; great for water enthusiasts. 

Kettlebells provide a novel and interestingly different style of resistance workout that’s beneficial to the participant’s strength, muscle tone and balance, as well as coordination. This promises to be a pleasurable yet challenging session.

This is an exciting workout for all ability and fitness levels. We’re putting a number of boxing training aspects and techniques together to create a rewarding class for anybody who’s looking for a terrific total-body workout that benefits cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, movement, balance, coordination, stress relief and more.

This program is a knockout for cardiovascular fitness and muscle toning. The class features round after round of fun aerobic movement to the beat of up-tempo music, followed by toning and flexibility

Join a professional trainer with decades of experience to begin re-shaping your physique through this popular and interesting workout, easily modified to any ability level, featuring light weights, floor exercises and flexibility.

Here’s an enjoyable moderate to low intensity workout session especially geared to the needs and fitness interests of seniors. This is a no impact exercise session with a focus on movement and flexibility.

Individual weight training and conditioning sport specific training for golfers, tennis players, cyclists, equestrians and skiers.


The Omni Homestead’s fitness program is led by Bruce Bryan, who brings more than 40 years of experience to the resort. Since 1982, Bruce has taught weights and resistance training, body toning, general fitness and conditioning programs, sports specific training, aerobic workouts, and his favorite, boxing fitness, to clients of all skill levels. He attended an American College of Sports Medicine clinic (ACSM) at the National Institute for Fitness and Sport and is a National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) certified personal trainer.

Bruce’s prior experience includes extensive work in professional boxing gyms, particularly with technical mitt-work. For more than two decades, he has coached individuals battling multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic head injuries, neuro-muscular disorders, sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, and joint replacement surgery. He has led kettlebell training for more than 20 years and senior fitness classes for more than 30. Since 1980, he has led swimming and water aerobics sessions from beginner to advanced competitive stroke correction.

A former competitive powerlifter from 1994-1997, Bruce was the Natural Athlete Strength Association’s regional Power Sports Champion in 1997. He was also a competitive bodybuilder from 2005-2011.




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Horseback Riding

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