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Body Treatments


Body Treatments

Go beyond a massage with an antioxidant-rich wrap, a detoxifying clay mask or another of our enhancing indulgences.

De-stress Body Treatment | 80 minutes

Specifically formulated essential oil blends work to release muscle tension and de-stress an overworked mind. Includes exfoliation, wrap and a half-hour massage.

Mountain Honey Wrap | 80 minutes

Experience regional sourwood honey, warm body butter and a gentle exfoliant, blended with luxurious essential oils to caress you into blissful relaxation. Includes a half-hour massage. 80 minutes

Mother-To-Be or New Mother Wrap | 80 minutes

Nourish the body from head to toe while restoring your skin’s condition and refining stretch marks. Includes exfoliation, mother and baby safe essential oil wrap and half-hour massage. For new mothers and expectant mothers in their second and third trimesters only.

Fire, Rock, Water, Light | 80 minutes

This signature treatment feels like an entire day at the Spa. Indulge on a rejuvenating full body exfoliation, softening soak, healing body masque, and remarkable Vichy waterfall massage.

Detox Body Treatment | 80 minutes

Designed to harness the most powerful detoxifying elements and techniques to leave you absolutely revitalized.

Total Indulgence Body Treatment | 75 minutes | Individual & Couple Available

This treatment may be enjoyed as a couple or individually. A wonderful mélange of natural ingredients and healing techniques will envelop you into a state of ultimate relaxation. Includes dual exfoliation, powerful hydrating masque and Swedish massage with essential oil emulsions.

Therapeutic Wellness Pod

The Therapeutic Wellness Pod brings together a number of elements that work to elevate your overall Spa experience. From vibrational therapy to healing infrared heat, mood enhancing colored lights and calming negative ions, the Wellness Pod provides a heightened level of relaxation to any Spa experience.

Grove Park Classic massage with Wellness Pod | 80 minutes

Elevate your massage experience with this multi-sensory treatment pod, offering unique features that leave you rebalanced, rejuvenated and transformed. The pod offers healing from infrared heat, adjustable thermal sauna, gemstone and vibrational therapy, mood enhancing colored lights, aromatherapy, a calming negative ion field and music to enhance the theme of your choice. Select from the following themed programs, designed to meet your specific wellness journey.
Stress Free | Sunshine | Relaxation | Rejuvenate

Deep Meditation | 80 minutes

Relax the nerves and calm your mind with this supremely unique treatment that includes detoxifying dry body brushing, massage with a special essential oil blend and guided meditation with binaural beats music designed to transport you into a state of deep relaxation.

Color & Light Wrap with Aura Imaging | 80 minutes

This one-of-a-kind treatment begins with a special aura capturing photograph. Your specially trained therapist will interpret and use your aura results to tailor your chakra enhancing treatment. After a full body exfoliation, relax into the color & light wrap with customized oils, music, temperature, colored lights, and gemstones in our exclusive Therapeutic Wellness Pod. Complete the treatment with a final aura photograph to see the relaxation difference.

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