The Omni Homestead Resort
7696 Sam Snead Highway
Hot Springs, Virginia 24445

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History Of The Omni Homestead Resort

A brief history of the renowned Omni Homestead Resort

Historic Resort Driveway

Our 250th Year Has Arrived

Ten years before our country was founded, The Homestead opened its doors as a humble, 18-room lodge tucked away in the mountains. Over the past two and a half centuries, the resort has evolved, sharing milestones with America and memories with generations of travelers. Today, The Homestead is an iconic resort encompassing 2,300 acres with 483 guest rooms, numerous dining outlets and more than 30 recreational activities. 

Our resort will commemorate the momentous milestone with 366 days of anniversary celebrations, which include afternoon anniversary parties with a different flavored cake each day, a monthly speaker series, fireside chats, historic menu items in the Main Dining Room, special concerts, fireworks displays and much more.

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Throughout the past 250 years, generations of families and associates have made lasting memories here. In 2016, we will honor the past, present and future of America’s first resort and we invite you to be a part of our year-long celebration by sharing your memories of The Homestead. Simply click the link below to submit your chapter* to our resort's legacy.

Guest Memories

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Theme of the Month: Architecture

From the historic Jefferson Pools to the iconic Tower, The Omni Homestead features several architectural styles. The grand columns in the Great Hall, the floor-to-ceiling windows in Jefferson’s and the elegance of the Crystal Room are just a few of the notable design elements that define The Homestead style.

Each week you'll find new facts below pertaining to the events in our history surrounding the month's theme.

Fun Facts of The Week
  • Mr. Jacob Rubino, a successful investor from New York City, visited The Homestead in 1894 and bought 1,700 acres and established a magnificent country estate. The cottage designed by Tracy and Swartwout is styled with grand Italianate architecture, fine buff brickwork, Indiana limestone, and a large, indoor swimming pool filled with water from one of the Healing Springs.

  • In the early 1900s, guests would often go to the Japanese Room for after dinner drinks and dancing. This area is now the Empire Room.
  • Architects Elzner and Anderson designed most of The Homestead building in 1891.

  • The Commonwealth Room is our standing tribute to historic Virginia. Commonwealth-inspired murals celebrate historic treasures of the state: Mt. Vernon plantation, Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello and of course, The Homestead. The carpet is patterned with corn, tobacco and peanut fleurons.

  • On the evening of July 2, 1901, a fire began in those new hotel buildings, perhaps from wood burning ovens in the bakeshop or kitchens. By 3:00 a.m., all that remained was brick chimneys.

  • After the fire in 1901, all of the new buildings were constructed of Kentucky red brick, limestone and steel, and include every modern non-combustible feature.

  • The Gentlemen’s Pool House is considered the oldest spa structure in America.

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Golf course at the Homestead

Our Cascades Course

Hit the links on Virginia's top-rated course.

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