The Omni Homestead Resort
7696 Sam Snead Highway
Hot Springs, Virginia 24445

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History Of The Omni Homestead Resort

A brief history of the renowned Omni Homestead Resort

Historic Resort Driveway

Our 250th Year Has Arrived

Ten years before our country was founded, The Homestead opened its doors as a humble, 18-room lodge tucked away in the mountains. Over the past two and a half centuries, the resort has evolved, sharing milestones with America and memories with generations of travelers. Today, The Homestead is an iconic resort encompassing 2,300 acres with 483 guest rooms, numerous dining outlets and more than 30 recreational activities. 

Our resort will commemorate the momentous milestone with 366 days of anniversary celebrations, which include afternoon anniversary parties with a different flavored cake each day, a monthly speaker series, fireside chats, historic menu items in the Main Dining Room, special concerts, fireworks displays and much more.

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Throughout the past 250 years, generations of families and associates have made lasting memories here. In 2016, we will honor the past, present and future of America’s first resort and we invite you to be a part of our year-long celebration by sharing your memories of The Homestead. Simply click the link below to submit your chapter* to our resort's legacy.

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Theme of the Month: Bath County and Virginia

The County of Bath, Virginia, was named for the English resort city of Bath because of its unique warm mineral springs which drew people to the area. In July 1759, Dr. Thomas Walker wrote of his visit to the springs, where he found six others taking the waters. A hundred years later, the area was attracting 6,000-7,000 visitors a year. With hundreds of thousands of visitors each year now, Bath County remains a cornerstone of tourism in the Commonwealth.

Each week you'll find new facts below pertaining to the events in our history surrounding the month's theme.

Fun Facts of The Week
  • According to the book The Hidden Sea by Francis H. Chapelle, it is estimated that the Warm Springs and Hot Springs waters have circulated down to 4,800 feet, a little less than a mile, into the earth.

  • The Hot Springs Presbyterian Church was formed in 1892 and its building was completed in 1895. The churchyard contains the grave of Dr. Thomas Goode.
  • The United Nations Conference on Food and Agriculture was held at The Homestead from May 17 to June 4, 1943. Its real purpose was to get all the nations together to learn how to work cooperatively: a trial run for the United Nations.

  • Bacova, an acronym for BAth COunty VirginiA was home to the largest lumberyard on the East Coast during the 1920s, but the company went bankrupt during the Great Depression. In 1957 a New Jersey industrialist, Malcolm Hirsh, bought the entire town. In 1965 Mr. Hirsh founded The Bacova Guild to provide an economic life for the villagers occupying the town's 42 homes.

  • In the 1850s, around 6,000-7,000 travelers visit Bath County each year.

  • The County of Bath is home to the George Washington National Forest, Douthat State Park, Lake Moomaw, The Nature Conservancy's Warm Springs Mountain Preserve, Dominion Back Creek and the Cowpasture and Jackson Rivers.

  • Named for the English resort city of Bath, the county quickly became a national resort attraction, boasting its unique warm mineral springs.

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