The Omni Homestead Resort
7696 Sam Snead Highway
Hot Springs, Virginia 24445

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History Of The Omni Homestead Resort

A brief history of the renowned Omni Homestead Resort

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Your history, our history. Making memories together for 250 years.

Ten years before our country was founded, The Homestead opened its doors as a humble, 18-room lodge tucked away in the mountains. Over the past two and a half centuries, the resort has evolved, sharing milestones with America and memories with generations of travelers. Today, The Homestead is an iconic resort encompassing 2,300 acres with 483 guest rooms, numerous dining outlets and more than 30 recreational activities. 

Throughout the past 250 years, generations of families and associates have made lasting memories here. In 2016, we will honor the past, present and future of America’s first resort and we invite you to be a part of our year-long celebration by sharing your memories of The Homestead. Simply click the link below to submit your chapter* to our resort's legacy.

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The story of The Homestead begins with the father of America, George Washington, as he awarded a land grant to Capt. Thomas Bullitt on which the first hotel was built. Since 1818, when Thomas Jefferson spent three weeks soaking in the pools, 23 US Presidents have visited the resort including a 2015 golf trip by George W. Bush.

Thomas Jefferson

Since 1766, generations of families have vacationed at our resort in the Allegheny Mountains, and that legacy is at the core of our 250th anniversary celebration. In 2016, we will display a special scrapbook of guest memories and we invite all past guests to share their favorite photos from past stays. Photos and stories may be emailed to

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For more than 100 years, the resort has hosted meetings and events for guests from around the world. In 1908, President Taft joined the Virginia Bar Association meeting and in 1943, an international conference focused on solving the world’s food shortages met as a trial run for the creation of the United Nations.

Virginia Bar Association at The Homestead

Dining has long been a hallmark of The Homestead. In 1901, the resort hired Chef Romeo degli Antoni, our first French-trained Chef. Six decades later Albert Schnarwyler became Executive Chef, and he directed The Homestead’s kitchens for over four decades. Today, Executive Chef Greg Barnhill leads the resort’s culinary team.

Historic Afternoon Tea

Our associates are the heart and soul of the resort and have been since we welcomed our first guests in 1766. In the mid-1700s, it was the homesteaders who cleared the land and built the original 18-room lodge. Today there are more than 1,000 associates including 84 with 30 years of service or more. From the grounds to the kitchens and guest services to outdoor activities, our associates are dedicated to creating memorable experiences for our guests.

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Celebrate our 250th!

Join us for special rates and events in 2016 to mark our 250th anniversary.

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