Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
Amelia Island, Florida 32034

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Amelia’s Wheels

Explore the resort with island hoppers, Segways, bicycles and more

Biking at Omni Amelia Island Resort

At Amelia's Wheels, guests can rent bicycles, Island Hoppers (four- and six-passenger golf carts), tag a-long bikes, baby joggers and baby trailers. Or guests can experience Segway™ tours. We are located conveniently between Falcon's Nest and The Spa & Shops.

Bicycle around the property on approximately seven miles of bicycle trails that will take you to some of Amelia Island Plantation's points of interest such as Aury Island, Drummond Point Park and Walker's Landing. Plantation trail maps are available at Amelia's Wheels.

Open Daily

Rates listed are for guests of the resort, the Villas of Amelia Island Plantation and members. Call Amelia’s Wheels at (904) 277-5120 for more information and operating hours.


Full orientation prior to each tour. All tours are guided with one coach per four riders with a maximum of eight guests per tour. Reservations are required.

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Junior Segway Tour
45 minutes - $40/person

This experience is designed for the kids, but perfect for any age. Our coached orientation and mini tour of The Spa & Shops provides a safe and fascinating environment for kids to enjoy. With the parents present or participating, it will be an experience you’ll not want to miss.

Family Safari Tour
1.5 hours - $60/child and $80/adult

A tour for the whole family! Everyone can ride together on this family tour, customized to the age and experience of our guests. Our coached orientation is followed by a tour through the property, traveling along our novice-level bike paths to the Intracoastal Waterway. Children 8-15 years old are permitted (over 65 lbs), but must be accompanied by an adult. The marsh side route goes toward Drummond Point Park, while the creek side route goes toward Walker’s Landing.

Back to Nature Tour
1.5 hours - $60/child and $80/adult

Explore the marsh side of the Omni property while cruising along on a Segway! Your journey to Drummond Point Park will begin with a coached orientation before you venture along novice-level bike paths covered by a Live Oak canopy. This is the perfect tour to learn about the diverse ecosystems that make up the island of Amelia. Children 8-15 years old are permitted (over 65 lbs), but must be accompanied by an adult.

Seaside Tour
1.5 hours - $80/adult

Designed for adult guests, this tour showcases the beauty of the dunes, beach, golf courses, and maritime forest along our path to the south end of Amelia Island. Our coached orientation is followed by a tour through the property, traveling along our bike and golf course paths toward Turtle Dunes Villas. Children under 16 years are not permitted.

SeaBreeze Tour
1.5 hours - $90/adult

Designed for experienced Segway riders, guests will experience the beach in a unique new way! Glide on your x2 Segway and explore sand dunes, discover marine life, and breath in the salty sea air. This tour explores Amelia Island Plantation right from the water's edge, and is best at low tide! Children under 16 years of age are not permitted.

Canopy Tour 
1.5 hours - $90/adult - ages 16+

This tour highlights the Oak Marsh golf course, Walker Landing, and views of the marsh and Intracoastal Waterway via intermediate-level paths.

Dune Adventure Tour 
1.5 hours - $90/adult - ages 16+

Designed for experienced riders only, the orientation is followed by a challenging tour of the Ocean Links golf course. Views of Red Maple Lake, the Atlantic Ocean, and maritime forest.

*Prices are subject to change


Single-speed bikes with coaster brakes are available in all sizes, youth through adult. Baby seats (which attach to adult bikes – up to 45 lbs.), Burley trailers (which connect to adult bikes – up to 100 lbs.), Tag-A-Longs (which attach to adult bikes for easier child riding) are also available.

*Prices are subject to change

Other Rental Accessories:

Hourly Daily Weekly
Single-Speed Cruiser $9 $25 $75
Single-Baby Jogger $7 $20 $55
Double-Baby Jogger $10 $25 $65
Child Trailer with Rental Bike $4 $10 $20
Child Trailer without Amelia Rental Bike $15 $30 $65

Due to safety requirements, Island Hoppers and bicycles must only be used on Amelia Island Plantation's property and are not allowed on any roads outside of the resort. Minimum age limits may apply.

Island Hoppers

These four- and six-person gas powered carts are only allowed on paved roadways. Age 16 or older with valid driver’s license.

4 Passenger 6 Passenger
2 hours $30 $45
4 hours $45 $60
8 hours $70 $85
24 hours $85 $105
2 days $155 $185
3 days $215 $260
4 days $270 $325
1 week $345 $395

*Prices are subject to change

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