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Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments

Leave all tension behind and refresh your body with a relaxing and restorative massage. For couples looking to share a wonderful massage experience together, we offer a customized Grove Park classic massage.

Blue Ridge Symphony Massage | 80 minutes | $309

Your therapist will compose the ideal spa experience by blending any combination of Swedish, Reflexology, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone massage.

Grove Stone Massage | 75 minutes | $309

Healing touch combined with the therapeutic properties of perfectly heated stones will melt away muscle tension
and de-stress your mind. 

Aromatherapy Massage | 80 minutes | $299

Using the finest essential oil blends and a choreographed pressure point technique, this massage focuses on the spinal nerves to leave you grounded and calm for days. 

Arnica and Hot Towel Massage | 80 minutes | $289

Enhance the benefits of a traditional massage by combining muscle releasing techniques, steaming towels and extracts to relax away aches and pains.

Deep Tissue Massage | 50 minutes, $239 | 80 minutes, $309

Therapeutic massage that focuses on allowing tight, overused muscles to loosen and relax completely. Not recommended for a first-time massage. 

Grove Park Classic Massage | 50 minutes, $219 | 80 minutes, $279

Customized relaxing Swedish massage utilizing gentle, gliding stokes to soften tense or sore muscles.

Mountain View Massage | 50 minutes, $229 | 80 minutes, $289

Experience your Grove Park Classic massage in our outdoor pagoda overlooking the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains.

Head in the Clouds Massage | 50 minutes | 219

Clear your mind and relax as we rejuvenate your scalp, neck, shoulders, arms and back. 

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage | 50 minutes | $239

Perfectly heated, soothing stones combined with Swedish massage techniques will naturally exfoliate the body while melting muscle tension and calming your mind. 

Couples Retreat | 110 minutes | 659

Two fifty minute tandem Grove Park Classic Massages, followed by a hydrotherapy bath in which you can simply relax, sip chilled champagne, and enjoy selected chocolates to share.

Couples Massage | 50 minutes, $219 | 80 minutes, $279

Share this wonderful massage experience. Together, you will receive a customized Grove Park Classic massage. Does not include Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy or Grove Stone massage.

Maternity Massage | 50 minutes, $219 | 80 minutes, $279

Specifically designed to pamper the mother-to-be, this massage improves circulation and calms the body. For expectant mothers in their second and third trimesters only.

Massage Enhancements

Enhance your 80-minute Classic or 80-minute Deep Tissue massage by purchasing one of these unique additions. These additions are included within your scheduled treatment time. dry body brushing Dry skin brushing boosts circulation, exfoliates the skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite and offers both stress relief and invigoration.

Healing Hands Treatment | $30
Thoroughly addresses daily occupational stresses and discomfort, using moist heat, therapeutic products and our heavenly hand massage.

Scalp Refresher | $30
An extensive ayurvedic scalp massage with exotic botanicals and unique essential oils to release tension, condition the scalp and leave hair glossy and nourished.

Reflexology | $30
Based on the idea that areas of the feet are connected with correlating parts of the body and organs, this pressure point massage of the foot can stimulate healing throughout the body.

Refreshing Foot Treatment | $30
Luxurious foot exfoliation, wrap and specialized massage, leaves your feet feeling like you’ve been wading through a mountain stream.

For additional treatments and pricing information, please see the Spa Menu.

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