Omni Bedford Springs Resort
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Bedford Body Treatments

Massage Services

For centuries, men and women have enjoyed the benefits of relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief, stress reduction and injury recovery as a result of massage therapy.

Dr. John Anderson's Fusion
110 minutes

You have control to create an experience where you use your intuition coupled with the expertise of a trained therapist to move you through a transformational experience. Begin with a warm and soothing bath, a Vichy shower with scrub or a healing herbal infused wrap (choose dry brushing as an option instead of hydrotherapy). Then, select two tools to enjoy during your massage. Choose from bamboo rods, hot stones or warmed herbal poultices. Afterwards, indulge in a relaxing foot scrub, hand exfoliation, calming eye pads or a tantalizing warm oil hair treatment.

Springs Eternal Therapeutic Massage
50/80/110 minutes

Allow your Springs Eternal Spa Professional to pamper you with a customized massage based on your choice of Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, or a combination of techniques. 

Couples' Massage
50/80/110 minutes

Indulge in a serene massage with a companion. Our therapists’ expert touch will encourage new heights of relaxation, while strengthening your closeness. Couples massages can be shared with a significant other or with a friend.

The Eternal Cure
50/80/110 minutes

Ease away everyday stress through The Springs Eternal Cure. Guests will receive a soothing back and foot exfoliation with a salt scrub, followed by warm towel compresses. Expert hands then utilize indigenous and timeworn hot stones to offer comfort to stress points for a soothing and luxurious massage.

Herbal Body Wrap

80 minutes 

Enjoy a detoxification through a heat-intensive infusion. A light massage will be followed by warm linen sheets steeped with aromatic herbs wrapped around you to induce perspiration, relax sore muscles and soften the skin. Insulating blankets capture moist heat, which can relieve arthritis pain and remedy digestive ailments.

Hydrosage Vichy Shower Experience
80 minutes 

This combination of hydrotherapy and massage will stimulate circulation, ease muscle tension, improve flexibility and induce deep relaxation. An exclusive “water” scent is used to seal the body at the conclusion of this unique rejuvenating experience.
*Vichy shower upgrade available.

Native Essence
80 minutes

Warmed aromatic, healing muslin herbal poultices penetrate into sore and achy muscles, increasing lymphatic drainage, soothing muscular tension and relieving stiffness. Keep the unique herbal poultices to use for homecare.

Warriors Massage
80 minutes

Through the use of expert hands, hot and cool stones and Arnica oil, this energetic, invigorating massage increases circulation, lymphatic flow and range of motion while decreasing muscle fatigue, tension and edema. The Warrior’s Massage is perfect for dedicated athletes or weekend warriors.. 

Eternal Serenity Massage
80 minutes

Using a customized product blend of your choosing, embark upon a sensory journey that will restore the spirit. Calm the mind and relax the body as your therapist begins with dry body brushing which leads into a soothing Swedish massage

Aromatherapy Massage
50 minutes

A sensory experience based on your mood and the oils you choose. This traditional aromatherapy massage is a powerful and effective fusion of Eastern and Western massage styles that help rebalance mind, body and spirit.

Shober’s Stone Massage
80 minutes

Reconnect with the earth using smooth river stones heated in our mineral spring water. This therapy provides isolated deep heat at strategic points on the spine, back, hands and feet.

5 Point Massage
50 minutes

This stimulating and sensory experience incorporates the use of a warm oil scalp massage and heated elements of bamboo, stones and water. Indulge your scalp, hands and feet in a luxurious treatment meant to relax your entire body through the use of tools that represent the elements of water, wood, fire, metal and earth. 
*Optional Upgrade to Intuitive Touch for 30 minutes for an additional charge. 

Prenatal Massage
50 minutes

Rest as your body is soothed and your skin is pampered with a nourishing and moisturizing oil. This massage is designed to answer the developing needs of mother and baby and to give the nurturing treatment you both deserve.
*For expectant mothers in their second and third trimesters only.

Focused Therapies

25 minutes

Hiker’s Delight 
Tired toes will delight in this heavenly treatment focused on the feet. Sensitive trained hands detect imbalances and work out stress points and tension, while restoring vitality and circulation.

Healing Hands
Allow your hands the luxury of a text-free moment of therapy; this hand treatment begins with a gentle salt exfoliation followed by a massage with moisturizing body butter. 

25 minutes

Scalp Massage
Warm oil is slowly drizzled onto your third eye, while pressure points are massaged gently in this very soothing treatment designed to relax the mind and nourish the scalp and hair.

25 minutes

Oldham & Ross Warm Up Session
An Omni Bedford Springs exclusive massage therapy that combines stretching and acupressure, which will aid in improving the golfer’s game and in helping prevent injury. *This massage requires to be clothed. 

Body Rituals

*Optional vichy shower upgrade based upon availability.

Peppermint Lavender Refresher
80 minutes

Experience the sensation of the ultimate body and mind treatment. Begin with a scrub using only the finest aromatherapy products to exfoliate, followed by a cocooning wrap to ensure the oils penetrate to provide total renewal.

Sugar Maple Glow
50 minutes

A sweet and decadent full-body experience. This service begins with an all-over exfoliation using a rich Sugar Maple Soufflé Scrub. After a warm mineral spring rinse, a whipped Sugar Maple Body Butter is applied to the body. 

Indigenous Honeysuckle Ginger Dew
50 minutes

Using our Signature Honeysuckle and Ginger inspired spa products, this body treatment is reminiscent of the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Allow your body to be treated to an application of our indigenous Crushed Walnut Body Scrub. After a therapeutic rinse, a hydrating application of cucumber mist and Honeysuckle Body Butter will follow. Skin will be hydrated and refreshed.

Detoxifying Thermal Mud Wrap
80 minutes

This body wrap begins with a brief, invigorating dry body brushing to promote blood circulation and exfoliate the skin. Organic ingredients high in minerals and trace elements give the body a powerful, natural detoxification. While the thermal mud penetrates, you are treated to a relaxing face and scalp massage. After a refreshing therapeutic mineral spring rinse, a luxurious moisturizer is lightly applied to the body. 

Couples or singles, 20 minutes (single baths are not available on Saturdays) 

Choose Your Bath Ritual: Energizing, Herbal, Soothing, Cucumber Honeysuckle, Eucalyptus 

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Eternal Indulgence Package

Indulge in the Art of Breakfast, dinner in The Crystal Room and a daily $100 spa credit.

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