Omni Bedford Springs Resort
2138 Business 220
Bedford, Pennsylvania 15522

Bedford Body Treatments


Springs Eternal Therapeutic Massage
50 / 65 minutes
Allow your Springs Eternal Spa Professional to pamper you with a customized full-body massage based on your preference of Swedish, Deep Tissue or a combination of techniques. 

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
50 / 65 minutes
This full-body Himalayan Salt Stone Massage nourishes the body and relaxes the mind. Warm, hand-carved salt stones from the Himalayan Mountains massage the body, soothe away stress and tension and bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.  

The Eternal Cure
65 minutes
Ease away everyday stress with our Eternal Cure. Relax while skilled hands perform a back and foot exfoliation using a gentle scrub and warm towel compresses. Himalayan Salt Stones are then incorporated into a Swedish Massage, offering warmth and comfort to stress points for a soothing and luxurious massage.

Prenatal Massage
50 / 65 minutes
This massage is designed to answer the developing needs of mother and baby and to give the nurturing treatment you both deserve. 

Zents Journey Massage
50 / 65 minutes
Using a customized product blend of your choosing, embark upon a skin-nourishing journey as your therapist provides a full-body, soothing Swedish Massage with a skin-softening infusion of Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.

Dr. John’s Muscle Therapy Massage
50 / 65 minutes
After founding the Bedford Springs Hotel in 1806, Dr. John Anderson used the mineral springs to provide healing. Allow his curative legacy to continue, as skillful hands use an oil blend of arnica, rosemary, basil and bay laurel to relax and soothe muscles. Innovative arnica and magnesium gel will be applied to achy muscles and joints to provide targeted relief.
*Upgrade your service to enjoy our cooling CBD revival balm and full-spectrum Hi-Bio help oil.

Aromatic Alchemy Massage
50 minutes
A sensory experience based on the oils you choose, either soothing lavender or stimulating ginger. This full body massage pays special mind to balancing chakras through thoughtfully composed strokes while providing customized sensory relief, designed around your own intention.  

Lomi Lomi Massage
50 / 65 minutes
Reminiscent of waves rolling over the body, experience a traditional, healing massage practice from the islands of Hawaii. With long, continuous strokes, your practitioner will use caring hands to address the full body and mind. This treatment ends with service of locally curated tea.


Complement any 50 or 65 minute massage by purchasing one of the below enhancements. These personalized additions are included within your scheduled treatment time. 

Back Exfoliation
Allow our team to gently exfoliate the hard-to-reach back area and reveal your softest skin with our Unzented Body Polish. Formulated with sugar and salt and infused with organic shea butter and coconut oil, this polish soothes, protects and hydrates the skin.
Peppermint Lavender Foot or Hand Exfoliation
Appreciate the benefits of relaxation-inducing lavender combined with the muscle tension relieving benefits of peppermint.

Antara CBD Oil
Designed to bring mind and body into balance and packed with luxe organic hydrators and natural anti-agers; this oil sets the standard for the purest, high potency, organically grown full spectrum CBD.

Specialized Muscle Therapy
Allow your service provider to assist with areas of high tension by providing instant comfort with our lightweight muscle-mending lotion. 

Himalayan Salt Stone 
Upgrade to a new level of relaxation as your therapist uses warm, hand-carved salt stones from the Himalayan Mountains for your massage. With 84 essential nutrients and minerals, the 100 percent pure salt will deliver an increased level of wellness and replenish you with benefits that go beyond skin deep.



Sugar Maple Glow
50 minutes
A sweet and decadent full body experience. This service begins with an all-over exfoliation using a rich Sugar Maple Scrub. After a warm mineral spring rinse, a whipped Sugar Maple Body Butter is applied to the body. 
*Vichy upgrade based on availability.

Indigenous Honeysuckle Sugar Scrub
50 minutes
Using our Signature inspired products, this body treatment is reminiscent of the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Allow your body to be treated to an exfoliation with our Cucumber Honeysuckle sugar scrub. After a therapeutic rinse, a hydrating application of our Cucumber Honeysuckle Body Butter will follow. 
*Vichy upgrade based on availability.

Restorative Springs Remedy
50 minutes
This body treatment offers an array of restorative modalities for the body and mind. Invigorating full-body dry brushing exfoliates the skin before natural, antioxidant-rich oils are applied, deeply hydrating and softening the skin. Relax while your feet are exfoliated using a sea salt scrub and finish with a gentle scalp massage – the remedy to melting away all stresses! 

Pure Radiance Body Scrub
50 minutes
This service is designed to transform your skin to pure radiance. A nourishing guava-infused sugar scrub exfoliates the skin, leaving skin smooth and glowing. After a warm mineral rinse, expert hands apply a noni-infused hydration, both vitamin-enriched and comprised of botanicals. The service concludes revealing radiant skin and trails of delicate tropical scents. 
*Vichy upgrade based on availability.

Sugar & Hemp Body Scrub
50 minutes
Rejuvenate and nourish your skin with our Sugar & Hemp body polish. Infused with hemp-seed oil and essential oils of sweet basil, rosemary, lime and black pepper, an all-natural sugar scrub will gently exfoliate the skin. After a warm rinse, a hydrating body butter rich in coconut oil and hemp seed oil will be gently applied.
*Vichy upgrade based on availability.



Evitts Trail Retreat
25 minutes
Named after our expert level hiking trail, this service is designed to relieve tired muscles around and throughout the feet using gentle exfoliation and massage. 

Healing Hands
25 minutes
Allow your hands a luxurious text-free moment of therapy with our Healing Hands treatment. Hands and forearms will be gently exfoliated in this treatment, followed by warm towel compresses and a therapeutic massage.  

Quiet Mind
25 minutes
Quiet your mind and release tension with a neck, head and shoulder massage featuring notes of clementine and lime. 



Exfoliating Espresso Mud Wrap
65 minutes
A stimulating Volcanic Pumice and Coffee Arabica exfoliation begins this service, followed by a warm full body wrap in Black Silt Clay and herbal extracts. While the body is wrapped a wild lime scalp oil will be applied to the hair for a stimulating scalp massage. After a warm rinse, Sicilian Bergamot body lotion will be applied to help smooth and firm the skin.
*Vichy upgrade based on availability.

Green Tea and Citrus Wrap
65 minutes
Delicate notes of citrus and vanilla envelop the body during this antioxidant-rich green tea body wrap. A full-body massage with deeply hydrating, vitamin-rich clementine oil begins this treatment before a warm vanilla green tea wrap cocoons the body. Expert hands will ease your mind during a soothing scalp massage to conclude this treatment. 

Farmhouse CBD Wrap
65 minutes
Allow your body to relax during this full body therapeutic massage using a fast-absorbing, full spectrum, Hi-Bio® hemp oil with CBD and watermelon extracts. A warm, nourishing, Vitamin E and Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil wrap will cocoon your body: relaxing your mind and conditioning the skin. While wrapped enjoy a soothing scalp massage to silence the mind. 

Seaweed Body Wrap
65 minutes
This service begins with dry body brushing to stimulate circulation, followed by an application of Seaweed Body Gel before the body is wrapped into a warm cocoon. While wrapped, Wild Lime Scalp oil is used to provide a stimulating scalp massage. After a warm mineral rinse, Sicilian Bergamot Body Lotion is applied to help smooth and firm the skin. 
*Vichy upgrade based on availability.

Magnesia Birch Wrap
50 / 65 minutes
Rejuvenating eucalyptus initiates the service before invigorating massage techniques envelop the body with stimulating ginger root oil. After a stimulating massage, your body is cocooned in a heat-intensive wrap infused with natural magnesium. While cocooned, a magnesium-rich Sweet Birch gel is massaged into the neck and feet, relieving tension, and re-energizing the body



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