Refresh Your Outlook

Stay a part of new beginnings in 2021. Reward yourself with a private working space, luxurious hotel amenities and exceptional service to transform working remote into a fresh start. You deserve it.

Just need a room for the day?

Work from the comfort of our luxurious hotels by booking a private guest room outfitted with everything you need for a full day of work!

  • Check-In: 6:00 am, at the earliest
  • Check-Out: 6:00 pm, at the latest
  • Private Room with Dedicated Workspace
  • Complimentary Coffee & Water
  • Grab & Go Morning & Afternoon Snack
  • Free Parking
  • Premium High-Speed WiFi
  • Available on Week Days: Monday - Friday

Note: this rate does not include an overnight stay

Includes use of amenities for one guest; charges apply for additional guests. Use of property amenities is for one day (6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.) only; multiple days may be purchased separately.

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Also looking to stay the night?

Get all the great perks on the Day Rate along with...

  • Discounted Room Rate for an Overnight Stay
  • Access to all property amenities
  • Book Multiple Days at a Time

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